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    Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    First of all, even if you wipe on this for a few hours, it is one of the funnest fights.

    Alright, so I'm in a 10man based progression Guild and we have Firefighter left on the meta.
    We started as a 10man based Guild about a month ago and have been ripping through the achievements being quite under-geared.


    Phase 1 is easy, we're getting through it and the water spout usually happens at around 12%-30%.
    Only two AoE Blasts.

    Phase 2 is fair easy after a few attempts, we stick as compact to the circle as possible but splitting up avoiding the cone-based damage.
    At the first few attempts we used Heroism here, is that a good idea or no?

    Phase 3 - I'm tanking the head as an Elemental Shaman and once we get a core we LoS the head (Sometimes though once we LoS him fire spawns directly on the core resulting in quite a DPS loss) and pop Heroism and get it down to like 37% with our group having 2 Ranged and 4 melee.

    Phase 4 - This is where we wipe.
    (First of all, our Druid on the past 2 nights has just moved house and is running on a wireless connection so he spikes to around 2-3k ping at around phase 4 which really fucks us up, he basically predicts where fire is and tries to roll hots on everyone while playing rocket roulette). So the Druid is the main problem, and if he dies, we die.
    I suppose this is the source of the problem, but what I am curious of is what we should do with kiting him.
    Should we kill the water bots before phase 4 or should we leave them up?
    Should we basically kite the boss around the room where ever there is room?

    Our closest attempt was 1% - 2% - 3% and we had a few dead due to several problems.

    Phase 4 seems RNG on Laser Barrages and that.

    What are your tips and tricks on Firefighter 10?
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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    you are correct in using hero/bloodlust in p2. in p3 try not LoSing the head but rather making a big/large move to the open spot in the room... cause you as the head tank are just with the group against the wall.... after p2 just go to the fire and all stack near the wall.. then just move a little when fire spawns.. wait to get a core then make a large move rather than LoS'ing which i dont know how you do in that room.

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    I'd say it's a matter of group makeup whether you use bloodlust in phase 2 or 3. In phase 2 you gain the most benefit damage-wise, since the dps does not have to watch as much as in other phases and can go all out. Further in case you've got problems healling phase 2 it is safer to lust there - less time spent in phase 2 + healling also benefits from bloodlust.

    But my personal choice is to lust in phase 3. Only the ranged can fully dps the boss as long as he isn't on the ground. Further you have to find safe-spots to drop the head less often the faster this phase is over. Get two cores, wait for the fire to spawn, pull the head to a safe spot and drop him twice in a row with bloodlust.

    In summary:
    Lust in p2: Easier healling, maximize damage output in general
    Lust in p3: Time saved through less head-drops and less chance of a water bot randomly spraying water on the raid

    To the water bots: Let them live as long as they are relatively far away. As soon as they come closer, kill them.

    Phase 4: I don't even know whether we got a strategy for this phase... Simply dodge fire, water bombs, rockets, shock blast and barrages. As long as you've got enough time left you can take your time for this phase. Tell your people to "simply stay alive and dps when possible"

    On another note:
    As I'm a resto druid myself, I can say that the healling in phase 4 is relatively trivial in case you've got reliable healer partners. I use to keep all hots on the head-tank and throw in some rejuvenation where needed. Usually the head tank does not require much more healling than the hots. But in case he lags - It's a problem in general, since resto druids have nice healling-on-reaction-tools which they can't use with too much latency. (At least I'm playing like this ^^; )

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    what helped us was prot mt tanking both head and adds in p3 (dps druid assisting with adds, dk on bombs) and body and head in p4. Healing was much more easier (we are not raiding atm, I am sure with new beacon it doesn't matter now :P ) but when most of dmg went to only 1 target (only MT) it was perfectly healable. Also I don't know your setup but since you are doing really well in p1-3, p4 should be just matter of time. Kite wherever are not fires and do same as in p1-3

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    We use heroism in p3 because it can be pretty random, if you have cores in fire you are just unlucky.

    DONT kill water bots, if you didnt noticed they extinguish the fire!

    But everybody usually wipes in p4, ppl panic because its alot to watch just stay calm and youll be fine!

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    if 2 healing use lust in p2 once the fire dot first gets applied to the raid
    if 3 healing focus dps on the asault bots & get 2 cores, pull to clear spot and use first core+BL, as soon as it goes back up chain a second core so he immediatley comes back down, using this method you should be able to push the core over in 2 downings no problem
    kill all the extinguisher bots during the transition to p4 and have everyone stay relatively close to him as hes being kited, at that point its just a matter of avoiding the frost bombs/mines hidden underneath him & people being within range to run to the wall if he does a P3W laser barrage which focuses the center of the room... also if you have your ranged dps & heals stay towards the middle of the room they shouldnt have to move quite as much as hes being kited

    you kill the bots in the transition to p4 because then you'll hit the fire cap & not have to kite as much, plus if theres too many up then when the fire spawns on people they'll come over and theres a much higher chance for their cone to knock someone into mines/instagib them with an unlucky string of hand pulses etc.

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    To kill the Fire bots or not to kill the fire bots...
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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    Yes you should kill the fire bots, are you also kiting him to the clear areas (places where the water bomb exploded) in ph4?

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    After the nerf we've stopped killing the emergency bots in 10man and it got way easier compared to before. We've done it both ways (even though one way only pre-nerf) and in my opinion, just leave them up and dodge them well. If you see they're moving to a fire close to you, move away.

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    whell we are using heroisam in phaze 4. best is to kite boss in the circle near the edges of the room, waterbots rearly come there and if they do u can just go back and revers the way u just came in take look at our video

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    We killed fire bots between p3 and p4, otherwise we tried to avoid them.

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    My group just downed this a week ago. we spent around 8 hours on it over 2 nights.

    We found bloodlust/heroism during phase 2 is a terrible Idea as it is ridiculously easy to heal (assuming you're using 3 healers) Our holy priest died in phase 1 some how and me and our resto druid easily healed Phase 2. Melee group up and stay behind him , Ranged spread out. Chain heals to melee or PoH/CoH if you have a priest.

    Phase 3 the LoS method is perfect but what you want to do is make sure you have 2 cores. Wait for the big explosion that happens every 30 seconds and spawns new fire, once they hit, LoS him into a corner and pop heroism and destroy him, when he goes up. Have whoever is on Bomb Duty taunt the bomb out of the raid and them IMMEDIATELY drop the head again and get it down to 10% or so. Ranged finish it off. You will find the new fires spawn on top of your melee that are dpsing the head more than likely, its ok to eat some fire and heal thru it to get the head down those final 15 % , it doesnt hurt that bad until you have double fires.

    Phase 4 is just a cluster fuck. Tank him by kiting to open areas and everybody needs to just be calm patient and avoid all the avoidable damage. As far as water bots go we had our melee kill them if they got close to them or anybody near them, otherwise ignore them and avoid them like you avoid the fire. They do not silence anymore so if you stay away from them they don't bother you much. Also have your MT have a macro to taunt the head every time its off CD to take some damage off the ranged tank, healing 1 person taking constant dmg instead of 2 is much easier. We did phase 4 with 2 healers as our holy priest died early to a rocket. We ended up with 3 people alive. Me , a shadow priest and our main tank paladin finishing off the 2% on the middle.

    Just keep working at it, you will get it. As long as people arent dying to avoidable damage its all about practice.

    good luck

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    i have got the perfect video for you. PoV elemental shaman who tanks on p3 (me :>)
    we got 25man gear but you see we do fail at some things

    see anootations
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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    If you're using a warrior MT, I'd reccomend that you let him taunt the head + spell reflect to keep aggro in p4. Considering the damage from the head can be very spiky on anyone that doesn't have a very large HP pool, this should help the healers some.  This also requires you to chill some one the head in the beginning (use babyspice if melee need to reach it).

    Other then that, stay cool and plan ahead - Kite mimi around the room from open area to open area (frost bomb clears these).

    EDIT: Remember that everything in p4 except the barrage can be predicted. Everything comes in a 'order'.
    Example would be barrage -> shock blast, new mines soon etc. Your defensive CDs should be up in p4 again, so while on the move with mimi, throw in a HoS (sacrifice), SW/whatever.

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    Even running just 2 healers (druid & disc priest) we were ok in phase 2 with no need for BL, but admittedly we were fully uld-25 geared by the point we did firefighter in 10 man and we had a ret do a bubble & divine sacrifice in P2.

    Using BL to burn through P3 quickly was something we tried but I think our kill was done with BL in phase 4.

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    Quote Originally Posted by Refreshment
    If you're using a warrior MT, I'd reccomend that you let him taunt the head + spell reflect to keep aggro in p4. Considering the damage from the head can be very spiky on anyone that doesn't have a very large HP pool, this should help the healers some. This also requires you to chill some one the head in the beginning (use babyspice if melee need to reach it).

    Other then that, stay cool and plan ahead - Kite mimi around the room from open area to open area (frost bomb clears these).
    This has been fixed (the baby spice) at least for our group. We tried to baby spice the bottom b/c we are a very melee heavy group (we use 1 ranged) and it didnt work, we tried baby spicing all 3 sections and nothing happened.

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    From a Rogue's P.o.v - Tunnel-vision.

    -Phase 1-
    Always tricks the tank as their threat gen is lower from running in-between shock blast's.
    Blow 1 cooldown each shock blast, for example:
    Engage - Blade Flurry+Ks
    First Shock Blast - Adrenaline Rush
    Second Shock Blast - Sprint (Increases uptime on boss as you run away when shock blast is 50/100 casting.

    -Phase 2-
    Before this phase everyone should have kited flame in one half of the room so the frost bomb clears 99% of the fire.
    Tricks fellow melee dps as threat is not an issue.
    Use Feint after every Flame Suppressant as a Heat Wave will follow it, this equates to a lot of mitigation.
    If your tank is a Paladin they can use a Bubble Sanc. to absorb 30% of raid damage.
    Play smart with dps, if there is fire on melee try to get around it, if thats not possible - stop dps as standing in fire = bad.

    -Phase 3-
    Find a clearing where you are able to kite the head and tank the assault bots safely.
    When dropping the head (which is bloody easy now) wait til Doomfire spawns then drop head.
    It is very easy to chain Bloodlust/Heroism 2 Magnetic Core Phases, if this phase if a problem that is. Generally if you are heavy handed on melee dps.

    -Phase 4-
    Voltron phase = awesome.
    Before phase 4 starts, clear out Emergency bots if there are 5+ around as they can almost 1 shot someone by throwing them into laser barrage, fire, shock blast.
    When engaging melee should never stand near the boss as it starts attacking it's nearest target swiftly.
    As a tank, the base should be tanked 15-20 yards away from the wall in a clockwise/anticlockwise manner. This will allow your raiders to move towards a wall on shock blasts and also to prevent your raiders from getting locked out from a laser barrage.
    When Voltron starts spinning up melee should stand at the edge of the hitbox directely behind the VX-001 as the the laser barrage can actually clip you if you are standing too close to the center of the Leviathan Base.
    Survivability comes from avoiding everything during the phase. This means someone calling out Shock Blasts + Laser Barrage on vent - It sounds silly but it helps when you are under pressure and theres fire EVERYWHERE.
    If you can dodge mines, fire, keep out of range of fire bots, run away from shock blasts and dodge Laser Barrage your good to go.

    Overall Tips:
    Blow cooldowns as frequently as possible as there is a lot of downtime between phases for them to come back off cooldown.
    Communication is essential, This includes innervates, rebirths, hymns, tranqs.
    Fire Pots make phase 1 cake, they negate Napalms from killing people.

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)


    1 tank prot pala
    3 healers (pala, druid, shammy)
    1 DK blood dps
    1 Rogue
    1 mage
    1 Shadowpriest
    1 Warlock
    1 Hunter

    on 10m:

    P1: I dont need CD's on plasma blasts healers just heal me trough.

    P2: Druid healer will save you here xD

    P3: A SP to kite head in p3 and move it LoS then get down BL and soon its dead.
    Then we use a DK to soak the bombs.

    p4: kill all remaining bots from p3 and just kill it


    its really easy on 10 man

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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    If you are rolling through phases 1-3 as fast as it seems you are, P4 will be just as easy for you soon enough. Basically everyone has summed up the major pointers. Maybe the problem really is just your Druid's connection if the other 3 are fairly easy for you.

    P4 is just a sramble for open space. We basically just kite Mimiron around the outside of the room until we get into troubled areas with fire, and if we do, simply just run straight to the other side of the room to an open area and begin kiting in a circle again. Make sure you get rid of those pesky emergency bots as you enter p4. Have ranged burn them down between 3-4. They tend to be more trouble than they are help. The frost bomb in p4 should buy you enough free space. Sounds like though that if your Druid can do well, you guys will get it.


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    Re: Mimiron Firefighter (10)

    If you have fire under control in p4 and alot of it kill the bots. Means new fires wont spawn and you can tank Mimiron in the same spot until a water bomb does off.

    ive only done 10 man pre nerfs so some of the stuff I know could be pointless now.
    My guild used Bloodlust on p4 to burn it down as quickly as possible.
    In p3 we had a hunter tank head (This phase should last about 2 mins max, should be dead shortly after first drop)
    In p4 me (A prot war) tanked the heads and legs.
    In p4 if you a group on either side of the boss it makes the spread alot better for barrages.

    Learnt Later on in 25 man that its easier to let a load of fire spawn in p1 if you keep it neat so no new fire spawns going into p2.
    By the time p4 comes around we usually have 3/4 of the map filled with fire. (In a nice and controlled way, no new fire spawms = more nukage)

    Other things is like maximising damage in p4, only move the boss to a new location when hes casting Shock Blast. Water bombs if close. barrage doesnt require much moving at all.

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