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    Which trinket should i use for arenas?

    Ok, i'm a disc priest for my arena's teams and i have accumulated enough WG marks to buy either the haste trinket or the spell power trinket (the platinum discs ones) Now i have been debating which of the two i should purchase. They both give the same resil however the haste one i can use to do quick mana burns or moments where my partner(s) dip low with the downside that i havnt stacked much haste so im not sure if it'll be worthwhile. The spellpower one is just to help ease the initial burst in arenas and/or help burst down an opponent. I would like to hear the community's opinion before i go and buy one.
    Here is a link to my armory if it helps.

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    Re: Which trinket should i use for arenas?

    Personally, I went with the Spell Power version. As you pointed out, you generally won't have much Haste anyway and, you have to wonder if that extra Haste mean you can land that one extra heal that will save your or your partner's life? If it happens to make the one spell land just fast enough, then it was all worth it; if it doesn't, well, it was a waste. Spell Power, however, means at least you can get some stronger PWSs out there and you'll be guaranteed the effect for the spells you do land, rather than adding that little bit more randomness.

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    Re: Which trinket should i use for arenas?

    I'd say spellpower for the trinket all the way simply because you need alot of SP to keep up with the damage in higher rated arenas. Especially if you havent stacked haste on your gear.

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    Re: Which trinket should i use for arenas?

    Personally, and Im sure a lot of others will agree with me when this thread gets older, the haste trink is really the best option when used correctly.

    combining it with Power Infusion makes it a seriosuly nasty combo, whatever teams you are playing with have the ability to keep the opposite team's healer in your line of sight for at least a few casts, and getting off one more mana burn is HUGE.

    on the defensive side, I use it as an alternate to PI, when I see pressure coming or a small burning window ill pop this one first and save PI for extreme circumstances later in the match.

    Popping both defensively makes withstanding burst from double dps/cleave teams in 3's much easier too.

    the spell power trinket whether it is the 84 resil on cast on or the platinum disk, you will find sounds appealing but I have never seen it change a game drastically whereas the haste can literally save a game.

    think of how blizz itemized the three platinum disks. One with AP for melee, one with SP for caster dps, and one with haste for healers...I agree with that logic

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    Re: Which trinket should i use for arenas?

    I agree with Zeuq. Spellpower is good for everything, whereas the haste is only good for some things, and even then if it misses by 0.1s instead of 0.3 it's a zero gain.

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    Re: Which trinket should i use for arenas?

    if you're really unsure, talk to some of the top priests on your server....youre on maelstrom, so there are no real pve guilds and like 4 GREAT pvp guilds...talk to PC or undertow, theyll set you straight, im not gonna namedrop, but youll know who to ask if you ask around.

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