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    Shadow word pain

    I have been playing Spriest for a while now and i have seen from every now and then when i mind flay its seems to not refresh the Shadow word pain if it is at 2 too 3 seconds. The shadow word pain will just dissapear just wondering if this is a bugg our not.

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    Re: Shadow word pain

    you have lagspikes sometimes?
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    Re: Shadow word pain

    Nope been doing it for a while now run at 150 latency and 35 to 40 fps during 25 mans

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    Re: Shadow word pain

    I noticed the same thing, and I'm pretty sure SW:P used to get refreshed before the patch if I was within 0-3 sec of the last tick. Now, if I try to refresh it during the last tick - it disappears.

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    Re: Shadow word pain

    You might have 250ms latency but that doesn't mean every moment of the game you have 250ms... if you have a quartz bar you will see how much your latency does vary.

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    Re: Shadow word pain

    I experience the same since this talents exist. It might be not @3s left but if sw:"p" is on 1-2 duration, the mf refresh doesnt work. Happens very rare so no big issue for me.

    "WoW" Ping is usually @ 30ms but quartz shows little more (60-100)

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    Re: Shadow word pain

    i had swp fall off when flaying at 3 seconds left for swp
    on the other hand, i had flay refresh pain when just 0.3 seconds were left. (xperl unitframes show seconds left)

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    Re: Shadow word pain

    The only other thing I can think of is if you previous refreshed SW:P at a time that wasn't a multiple of 3 seconds, then perhaps SW:P is disappearing on the last tick of damage even if there is 1 or 2 sec left on the duration?

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    Re: Shadow word pain

    I've noticed similar, but it's very rare that it happens.

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    Re: Shadow word pain

    It has been like this ever since beta.
    It happens when SWP wont tick again on the current duration, for example if it ticks at 2.5 seconds left on the debuff, it wont refresh after that for whatever reason.

    DKs had the same bug with glyth of disease and plague strike last patch... this got fixed. Our talent doesn't get fixed >.>

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