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    PvP help please

    Ok I am ok a pvp, but I have some trouble with upclose combat. What do you do when your target is upclose to you and you cant cast a spell cause they are running all around you? I mean I can use fear but that dosent always work. What can I do against those class that are on top of me running around so i cant cast a spell at them other then my DOTS? That is all I seem to and heal me self dot and heal myself and then throw a fear on them and hope that buys me time to cast a spell at them.

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    Re: PvP help please

    I suppose it depends on your level and what you are fighting. Have not played a priest in a while but I remember reflective shield, pain, renew and holy nova worked wonders against melee players who were on me non-stop.

    Lets say a warrior was wailing on me. I would put up my shield and renew myself (my shield is reflecting damage back) while pain is dotting and holy nova is healing me and damaging him.

    Your gear (resilience) and other talents like blessed recovery, pain suppression, martyrdom, blessed resilience, focused will, desperate prayer will also make a difference.

    Another thing to do is find a comfortable way to bind all your most used skills to keyboard. I remember using numbers 1-6 as well as using all the keys around WSAD (QERFCXZVB). If you become efficient at using the keyboard more and looking at / clicking action bars less you might notice a difference in your reaction speed.

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    Re: PvP help please

    Well i am sitting at 836 resilience right now, i never thought to use holy nova at up close range...that really effective? If it is i will for sure try to use it. Also i do use my mouse to click the icons instead of pressing the keyboared like 1-6 as you mentioned, perhaps i'll start using the keyboared more rather then looking at my icons and clicking them. Thank you for the idea about holy nova and using the keybored.

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    Re: PvP help please

    stop keyboard turning

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    Re: PvP help please

    Hast cooldown trinket + PI. Juke your heals when you think they are going to interupt, then when you hear/see if go off heal yourself up full.

    Get a partner to CC the guy on you. If its say, a rogue, and you dont have a partner your screwed, (asuming were talking about good players here).

    Allot of times i''ll pull away from the last tick of penace and they often kick and miss leaving me free to cast for 26 seconds or so. (the cooldown on counterspell is somthing like 26 seconds or w/e)

    EDIT: O and glyph of inner fire with the inner fire talent. The glyph will give you 7% physical damage reduction more then it did before the glyph with the talent.
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