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    Re: Icecrown Legendary

    Quote Originally Posted by Zarios
    Where the fuck is the Legendary item for Enh Shamans
    You can't haz one!

    Re-roll resto if you want it :P
    [23:43:22] [P] [85:Bowsjob]: If its between 2 holy pallys its gonna be a gear fight most likely

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    Re: Icecrown Legendary

    Blergh, stop all the whining about "gief X-class and Y-dps spec legendaries again!!" There's already been too many legendaries for dps(yeah, I went there!), I think it's time we give some love to the ones who are actually the reason we're not ripped to shreds.

    I -demand-( : ) a Legendary shield. Nah, seriously. I'd love to see a Legendary usuable by tanks(Thunderfury was good for threat, sure, but it wasn't exactly a mitigation weapon). Could also just be something silly like a ring with regular stats, and an on-use effect that absorbs as much damage as the shield from Kael'thas for 3 seconds.

    Yep... that's what I'm thinking right now...

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    Re: Icecrown Legendary

    Quote Originally Posted by jeleopard
    But what legendary (not including the TK lengendaries) have been for Hunters... ever?
    What about the legendary Bow from Kil'jaedin?


    Made by myself while I'm bored..

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    Re: Icecrown Legendary

    Quote Originally Posted by Zarios
    Why would I roll resto for a Legendary?.. Anyway dumbass, Why would I use Sulfuras at 80. Stfu and think before you talk...
    then you better start thinking which classes use legendarys on 80. you found out? no? i tell you: shaman druid pala and priest. so mr dumbass, there is the chance to get yours, so stopp QQ like mad. noone cares about your retardspecc anyway...

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    Re: Icecrown Legendary

    Quote Originally Posted by Youknowme
    What faction were you playing on in vanilla that had shamans AND paladins.... obviously this isnt based off of past experiences....
    doh, do i feel like an idiot. wasn't thinking clearly, clearly.

    the point remains though, I nor any other shaman i know was allowed to even think about taking a hand of rag till all the DPS warriors had it. hell, i don't even know many shaman who were allowed into MC without mana tide...

    this is all when MC was new and the hand was relevant, not when AQ/NAX40 were out, things had changed slightly by then. but when MC was the only game in town, it was mana tide or gtfo. and fyi, in resto shaman dropped SoE and windfury just as well as any other shaman. enhancement had slightly improved versions, but mana tide was deemed "too important" by most raids.

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    Re: Icecrown Legendary

    People talk about legendarys like they could easily have one, if there was one avaiable for their spec. They are rare, hard to obtain, so there is no reason for having lots of legendarys for diferent roles. The new one is a healer mace, but not even 5% of the guilds have one. Some might have two, but we can say that almost no healer have a legendary yet. You can have pretty epic weapons already, there is no need for yellow ones, just the need to QQ so bad.

    About "Hunter and Deathknight weapon", for stats, it doesn't make sense at all, since a hunter will always want agi, and a DK str. Lore-wise, the only conection would be Arthas x Sylvanas, but I really can't imagine an lengendary about this. Must be a typo, or GC trolling again (since he is paid for trolling at forums)

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    Re: Icecrown Legendary

    Quote Originally Posted by Zarios
    Oh wow, Vanilla we are in the second expansion we deserve one.
    zzzz, rly? screw off! i got 23 shards towards my staff of atiesh... thats the closest I'll ever be to having a legendary as a caster class >.>

    be thankful your class has a legendary that is still obtainable period... our only legendary is no longer available even for the simple sake of saying HAHA I GOTS EET!!!

    fuckin blizz not adding our legendary in with naxx 80 >

    I will say however... Frostmourne... should definately be a caster blade... I mean ffs its the last blade of exceptional magical power left in the world of azeroth... (well unless they make up some random shit like shadowmourne >.>)

    Oh no wait... I forgot... blizz is giving casters Gorshalach to piss off every two handed melee dps in the game > and guess what! its gonna be 5 times the size of our character ^.^ bwahahahaha!! bitches....

    Then again... with the way blizz is going... dont worry everyone soon blizz is going to release legendary armorz! X_x it will be teh ubar gearz and as we have all joked about legendaries will take the place of what epic was in vanilla, Oh and a hunter will be given the games first Artifact weps.... yup yup yup...

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    Re: Icecrown Legendary

    Ele shamans want an orange dagger ;p

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    Re: Icecrown Legendary

    How do people not get jokes?

    I have seen topics attacking Bliz for making fun of them (Like the Ezimode or whatever npc that was a pally), and then I see them asking questions like this? It makes me ssad to be a Paladin.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    I [opinion] [cataclysm feature] and you should to. Anything who disagrees with me that [cataclysm feature] is [opinion] is a big [insult].
    I asked all of my friends and they all agreed with me that [cataclysm feature] is as [opinion] as it is possible to be.
    Blizzard are so [opinion], what [compliment/insult]s they all are!

    There, now we can stop posting new topics in the Cataclysm forum altogether.
    And if you disagree with me you're an [insult].

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    Re: Icecrown Legendary

    old topic is old..put it to a rest.

    and wait about the legendary QQ untill we have stats of it

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