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    LF leet Disco PvP spec

    ive finally lvl'd my priest up to a point where i can start ooking into healing for pvp and heroics (for right now id like to heal raids once i get the practice in), but i have yet to find a post anywhere about a actual spec. I know Disco priests are still in pvp cuz i remember those 4hr fights to kill them but where do they get thier spec from?

    also if anyone had a link to a nice Disco PvE healing spec that would be great

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    Re: LF leet Disco PvP spec

    PvE spec is pretty cookiecutter http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#bVcbuhhVRIsffRtfxzc

    PvP spec features a lot of variety, almost everyone is using a slightly different build that is tailored to their own gear levels, playstyle, and arena comps. Long as you have the major talents (Pain Sup, Penance, Dprayer, PI, etc) then the more optional talents (Imp Fheal, DA, Inspiration) are yours to play around with.

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    Re: LF leet Disco PvP spec

    Disc PvE is a retarded spec, in that as it is right now, you pick the talent points and there's no real "choice" about them. No "oh maybe I can try that one instead".

    LoL @ the only real cookie cutter:
    57/14 PvE
    Now, for PvP, that's where your variation runs in. Personally I run with 58/13, but realistically, I'm probably not the best priest to be asking for this advice here. >.<
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    Re: LF leet Disco PvP spec

    If your talking about pvp, it would depend on your partner(s), strat to kill other teams, and your gear.

    If you need to mana burn in 2's or 3's obviously you need shift some points into there.

    In 3's allot of priest dont get the regen talents when running with cleave teams.

    Some priests get martyrdom while other put 2/3 blessed recovery, and some get niether.

    Reflective shield only works on yourself, if you not getting hit its pointless.

    Some priest get the 6% hast so that with a cooldown haste trinket they get 1 sec flash heals or 1.8 sec mana burns. Some skip it and take IMP flash heal.
    Some take niether.

    If you have a partner that can live a long time and have many absorbing cooldowns you might not want to take the meditation talent as you will be able to drink often (for example if you run with an ice mage).

    If your a mana burn team you may want to not get any crit talents (passive crit or things like devine agis) and focus on other area's. Like haste, survial, mana recovery.

    You may want devine fury so you can burst, you may find devine fury a waste becuase your partner doesnt need the help and would rather have you MC the other person insted of damage on his target.

    And so on...

    If you decide on your partner or partners and also maby tell us your play style then we could help you more then just. hey i need a spec give me one.

    Priest are not pallys, they have more then 3 buttons and can do other things besides stand there and spam flash of light. Thus a large varient of specs to choose from.
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