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    Re: Bring Crowd Control back!

    sorry but cc is dead for one thing

    bring the class not the player

    i cannot tell you how many times as a feral druid dps during BC was turned down for MGT on heroic or otherwise because i couldn't CC

    even if i pulled the most dps they wanted a mage/lock/rogue

    when root got usable inside i was sooo happy we can cc for real!!!!!

    cc forces people to bring specific classes. i know it is true that every class pretty much has a type of cc
    rogues-sap (most mobs)
    mages-sheep- (most mobs)
    locks- banish demons/elemantals and fear (not as good as mobs run loose plus can't stop them if they run too far recklessness removed )
    priests- mind control- takes mob out of fight but takes caster out too
    Shaman- hex
    Paladin-repentance (ret only) otherwise none
    Druid- Sleep (beasts/dragons) root (all mobs but most los casters)
    Death Knight-None although maybe COI kiting (LOL)
    hunter-trap (most mobs) pet offtank (lol but can work)

    as you can see not all classes can cc and some are spec dependant

    if blizzard gave a cc to every class (screwing pvp in the process) then i would be ok with it. but as for warriors and dks they can only got if they tank and locks are very limited as fear isn't a good way to cc.

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    Re: Bring Crowd Control back!

    In some cases I'd classify chain interrupting as cc when it's on casters that become pretty harmless when subjected to it.

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    Re: Bring Crowd Control back!

    Personally i'd like to see some new bosses that require some more cc-ing.
    Trash can do without it.. no body likes trash.
    Moroes for example was one of my favourite bosses back in the day.

    And too the person who wrote bring the player not the class, druids now have roots inside =D
    Also most classes have some form of CC one way or another, and in 25s it wouldnt be that big of
    a deal having to bring one specific class (out of like 3 or 4 that can cc the same mob type now)

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    Re: Bring Crowd Control back!

    Quote Originally Posted by killarth

    locks- banish demons/elemantals and fear (not as good as mobs run loose plus can't stop them if they run too far recklessness removed )

    Locks can use seduce as CC and a good lock won't have any trouble doing it. Btw, removing CoR fear juggling is probably the stupidest thing blizzard has ever done to locks. Being able to CC 3 mobs at the same time made the class really fun.

    and also, priests have shackle and paladins have turn evil (although it is even more useless than fear)

    The biggest problem with requiring CC for bring the player not the class is that it would make locks and priests (esp priests considering this expansions focus on the scourge) more or less required in certain situations since they are really the only classes that can CC elementals/demons and undead.

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    Re: Bring Crowd Control back!

    Allmost every instance is too easy and dont require any crowd control, almost nomatter the size of the pack! tankadins have been buffed alot compared to what they used to do in the burning crusade (and vanilla even) making it easier to tank HUUUUGE packs of mobs

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