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    Re: To people who use "Gobby"...

    Quote Originally Posted by Finalwish
    ive lived in australia for 7 years and never heard that term o.O guess i dont hang around bogans

    You've never seen Trent from punchy?


    It is obviously fake but it's funny as.
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    Re: To people who use "Gobby"...

    You fool! I'm an american and I will speak however I want! I shall call goblins gobby if I damn please! This is the untied state of ameryca, you will nawt tell me how to say or not to say a word!!!!!


    But anyways, gobby doesn't even sound good. A gnome is a gnome, a dwarf is a dwarf, why the nickname?

    I don't see anyone calling Draeneis(sp...?) Drae or Neis, why call goblins something else?

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    Re: To people who use "Gobby"...

    Gobby just makes you sound completely and utterly fucking retarded.

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    Re: To people who use "Gobby"...

    gobby is only acceptable if you refer to orcs as "Nobz" and refer to any other race as "grots"
    orcs FTW

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    Re: To people who use "Gobby"...

    Never heard the word.
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    Re: To people who use "Gobby"...

    I gobby the Gobbys at The Gobby.

    Am I saying that right?
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