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    Blizzcon Videos?

    I've been able to find quite a few of the discussion panels on youtube etc. And i thought that a post would be a good place to gather good quality vids into a colab so that it had one straight up place to find a list of different panel videos and you wouldnt have to go searching through tons of sites to find what u want. So if you know any good panels from blizzcon just post the link with the name of the panel

    other than that i had a question that im sure will be easy to answer.

    Is filming of the cataclysm demo at blizzcon agaisnt the rules, cuz i havn't seen any footage of that whatsoever?
    I've never gone to one so i wouldnt know.

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    Re: Blizzcon Videos?

    There is footage of the Worgen and Goblin starting zone demos on YouTube.

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    Re: Blizzcon Videos?


    Those are the ones I have watched. All the videos from the Blizzcon Live RayV thing.

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