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    Is it just me or..

    Does it look like we lose half of Durotar in this video at 0:38 into it?

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    Re: Is it just me or..

    no offence, but old new m8
    You cannot bandage a bleeding target...
    Quote Originally Posted by Dinnerbone
    This gets my vote for thread of the month.
    If WoW was "just" a game, you wouldn't be in this forum.

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    Re: Is it just me or..

    Quote Originally Posted by Thafisker
    no offence, but old new m8
    I knew the lands were changing, but I don't remember hearing about Durotar like the video seems to suggest.
    It also doesn't seem to show some of the other changes. Like Barrens if you look at it.

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    Re: Is it just me or..

    Well, you've cut down a lot of Ashenvale. And taken Southshore (bye bye fun pvp there :-[)

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