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    Re: Abyssal Shatter-benefit or not?

    yes the Trial of the Champion 5 man dungeon is a great spot to get the abyss crystals, and a great place to gear up the alts and close to lvl 80 people, but the only way for the enchanters to get the abyss crystals will most likely have to be a guild run for the enchant to get the crystals.

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    Re: Abyssal Shatter-benefit or not?

    As an enchanter I think this i really bad. This will probably mean that the prices for dusts and essences will drop, meaning the profit I gain for spending time putting scrolls on AH will give me less money.

    It doesnt matter if the prices for Abyss Crystals goes up, its the enchants that you need dusts and essences for to make that yields the most money since they sell far more.

    Ofc, this is probably good for people without enchanting and the ones that dont know how to make money with their enchanting other than spamming trade with "[Enchanting] 10g fee!!11"

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    Re: Abyssal Shatter-benefit or not?

    Seems more like a quick fix attempt to deal with the shortage of those materials available once running heroics/raids. Sure while you are leveling then you will get a lot of green rewards which for the most part are going to be disenchanted or for non-enchanters vendored, but come to heroics and raids then there tend to be very few dropped and then have to compete with every other person for them.
    IMO enchanting needs either some daily to provide some basic source for a handful of materials, or some more reliable means of gathering, not this which will only further drive prices down so that the only money the profession makes is from the fee we can get away with charging.
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    Your forgot to include the part where we blame casuals for everything because blizzard is catering to casuals when casuals got jack squat for new content the entire expansion, like new dungeons and scenarios.
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    Re: Abyssal Shatter-benefit or not?

    I found no way to learn abyssal shatter on the PTR, the trainer in Dalaran does not teach it and there is no recipe for sale by Vanessa, badge vendors or any quartermaster.

    Maybe i missed something, maybe it's not available yet. If anyone has found a way to learn the spell please let me know.

    Farming TotChamp is an inefficient way to get abyss crystals - you may get up to 20 crystals per hour (if nobody ever goes afk and nobody does need any item). Asuming a price of 20 gold per crystal you made only 80 gold per person per hour, doing dailies or e.g. farming titanium ore should give you something like 200-500g per hour. This could change if AS would give you 5 GCE or 15 dust on average, but i would only expect half as much or less yield.

    People run through the instance to get the trinket that never drops and to gear up their alts. At some point every main will have the trinket and you only run the instance to gear up alts - you also get a lot of excess crystals, more than anyone needs for enchants so the prices drops like a brick. There is no bottom for the abyss crystal prices right now, they are just useless - the abyssal shatter will change this.
    Smart enchanters will use it as long as the average price of the dust/GCE obtained is higher than the price for the crystals. I doubt there will be enough abyssal shatters to lower the dust/GCE prices by more than 10% but of course everyone can only guess here.

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    Re: Abyssal Shatter-benefit or not?

    Formula : Abyssal Shatter is perhaps a new drop from the Trial of the Champion, normal or heroic ? When Blizzard add 2 formulas in 3.1, it is from Ulduar Bosses so ...

    One enchanter can try trial of the champion on the ptr for this theory ?

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    Re: Abyssal Shatter-benefit or not?

    I love the way people think this is a bad change.

    What does it matter if you don't make as much profit from selling mats?
    Is it real money? NO!

    Plus profit is still profit.

    Even 1 copper is profit.

    And as for people saying it will ruin the economy, you do realise it's not exactly hard to farm green drops for essence/dust anyway right?

    True, TotC5 has an epic drop from normal on every boss makes it 100% guarantee but at level 80 it's not exactly hard to grind kill mobs for green items that can be disenchanted.

    What goes around, comes around.

    I'd rather it be essence/dust than dream shards as we already have a 100% way to get them from killing bosses in other dungeons.

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    Re: Abyssal Shatter-benefit or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by andy_mitchelluk
    Plus profit is still profit.

    Even 1 copper is profit.
    Not if the opportunity cost is higher than 1 copper.

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    Re: Abyssal Shatter-benefit or not?

    All this because people are too lazy to do a little farming at level 80? I spend a half hour to hour in Icecrown with those nice grouped mobs of 8+ out on the eastern plain area and usually get anywhere from 3-8 green items to DE, not to mention occasional blue item drops to AH.

    But back to topic ... TOC ruined abyss crystal price, and shatter will ruin price for other mats.
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    Re: Abyssal Shatter-benefit or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by Treebrother
    But back to topic ... TOC ruined abyss crystal price, and shatter will ruin price for other mats.
    To cut the long story short,enchanting won't be a nice proffesion for gold making anymore.

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    Re: Abyssal Shatter-benefit or not?

    Any news on this?

    Couldn't see it ingame or in the patch notes :-[
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