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    Can we get a Moderator that enforces board rules at the Classic WoW section ?


    I have been following the Classic WoW discussion forum for about a month now.

    During this time period, I have seen people trolling the Classic WoW community and break every single posting rule there is on this board without any repercussions.

    Moderators have been extremely tolerant of resident trolls taking their side every single time. Not one troll who has broken posting rules has been disciplined.

    I -and others- have been reporting the trolls without any results.

    So, can you guys please enforce your own posting rules?

    Thanks in advance.
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    But it brings in troll thread views...

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    How about decent moderators period...

    These guys are unreliable, drunk on power, accountable to no one, bias, and moody.

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    Your post won't get any answers. They only infract/ban people when their personal views don't line up. Rules be damned. The system here is garbage.

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    Sure if we can get a moderator who also infracts those who just post in the Classic WoW section to attack retail players.....

    That's fair right?
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