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    Button-Profiling just like dualspec

    i have a simple problem .. or so i thought:
    I wanted to have two different button profiles on my druid:
    - pvp heal
    - pve heal

    There are some differences in it and i was sick of switching the buttons manually, so i wanted to use an addon for that, as my good olds bartender4 profile system only safes the position of the bars, not the content.
    I started searching, first on curse than on google - and only thing i came up with was the 'use dualspec'.
    Well, i do use dualspec. But my second spec is tanking, my first pve healing --- pvphealing is third atm and therefore needs an own solution.
    Now i lag own ideas and hope someone from here can help me out

    tl;dr version:
    I want to switch from:
    [spell 1] [spell 2] [spell 3]
    [spell 4] [makro 1] [spell1]
    just like dualspec does, without using dual spec.

    thanks very much,

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    Re: Button-Profiling just like dualspec

    I've been using: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...ctionSets.html

    Looks like the author has quit WoW a couple months ago, but mine works just fine still. The sample picutres don't really show the ease of use; I just drag and drop spells/macros into their places, click the minimap icon to open the menu and hit save new set, and give it a name. It's pretty simple.

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    Re: Button-Profiling just like dualspec

    I've been using Snapshotbar2... once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to use.

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    Re: Button-Profiling just like dualspec

    Simplest answer would be to use your current mod no?

    You said your bartender saved the position on the bars under profiles, not the content. Now, assuming you don't use every single available bar for any 1 profile, could you simply leave the content of your "pvp heals" bar fine but move the bar to a submissive (either out of the way or faded out etc.) position for your pve profile, then switch positions for it with your "pve heals" bar for the pvp profile?

    Maybe I'm just not a fan of change, but I prefer not to use new mods when the old ones work just fine =0

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    Re: Button-Profiling just like dualspec

    I use Action Bar Saver myself. It works very well, almost identical to perera's Snapshotbar2, though I've had no trouble with mounts that it seems to. Its ridiculously basic to use, very fast and easy. There are a few other mods out there, but this will do exactly what you are looking for, and works with every action bar mod ive used.


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    Re: Button-Profiling just like dualspec

    thanks @all, i will give em a try

    @darth well, there IS a problem: The char is a druid - i use 8 bars for the different forms, i need to change 4 of em - Bartender only supports a maximum of 10 bars
    I know, i am a shortcut fetishist, but it' works great for me and i dont want to change my style of playing just because of a lag of possibilitys in an addon ^^

    thanks again,

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