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    Vault of the Relentless Watchers

    First of all, sorry for the misleading title. (If you're not a priest/familiar with the Divine Aegis spec please do not reply as you should know crit is important for this specc, although you might just want to compare it to hit/haste instead of spirit.)

    I am a priest who today looted a pair of Relentless Gladiator's SATIN Legs from Koralon the Flame Watcher.
    Satin as in the Shadow set.

    I myself, is Disc/Holy and now I am wondering, should I get a pair of Furious Gladiator's SATIN shoulders or the healing ones?

    The major changes:
    With a pair of Shadow shoulders, that would give me a +50 Resilience Bonus and give me crit instead of spirit. That would also make me lose the (4) Set bonus that the Gladiator sets gives you; Reduces the time your target is affected with weakened soul after being granted a Power Word: Shield by 2 sec..

    With a pair of healing shoulders, I would lose 50 resilience, plus I would get the (4) Set bonus mentioned above, and will also get spirit instead of crit.

    Short question made long, thanks on forehand

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    Re: Vault of the Relentless Watchers

    I'm going to take a guess and say you are talking about pvp healing (i may be horribly mistaken, i didn't read everything in detail)
    It seems this season that going 4/5 SATIN with 1/5 MOONCLOTH, and using all spirit offset pieces might just be the best way to go.
    The 4 piece bonus is just wonderful, not worth loosing for a measly 50 resil, considering the amount of resilience you get from gear alone.

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    Re: Vault of the Relentless Watchers

    yeah.... Lets not get hit offset peices coz when that fear misses your still going to win games at 2500+
    wait a second....

    If you use 3pc/2pc or 4pc/1pc (holy/shadow) and Hit/crit offset pieces you will have around 25% crit on a target with weakened soul.


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