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    Disc priest question?

    Hi there,

    my priest is about 2 hit 80 and i wanna pve heal, so a few questions.

    1. Is it easier to heal as disc with poorer gear than Holy?

    2. Intellect is more useful than spirit for a disc priest, yeh?

    and finally would mind a basic disc priest talent build that would be good to get me started


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    Re: Disc priest question?

    1. yes mostly because your mana situation will be better with disc.

    2. oh my word yes.

    There's a whole thread dedicated to priest builds on the class forum :


    It's not huge and well worth your time to read.

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    Re: Disc priest question?

    thnx for the quick reply

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    Re: Disc priest question?

    All what he said, but on a side note: retard grps will req you to be holy.... mass idiot dmg all the time ;D
    O, and pray you are in a guild that not just looks at healing meters :

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