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    Northrend Beasts Bug

    Found a clever little bug tonight with our guild it is as follows; Levitate the ranged on Phase 1, and when they get hit by fire bomb no fire spawns instead they lose Levitate. Already reported it but others are welcome to as well.

    Edit: This was on Heroic mode, and yes we got it down without cheating.

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    Re: Northrend Beasts Bug

    Hm, then im gonna report another one via this topic;

    Sometimes, Icehowl 25 norm. doesnt wait with lookin' at you, but instantly charge. (Just in case this helps, didnt ticket it yet, just came up in my mind.)

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    Re: Northrend Beasts Bug

    Quite a fun bug we experienced last monday: if you're still at Gormok, or the worms just spawned, and a wipe is incoming, run to stand by the door. More often than not Gormok will run around killing everyone but you and then reset. Happened quite a few times but only seem to for people with very low threat on him, i.e healers. Saved me a lot of repair bills though ^^
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    Re: Northrend Beasts Bug

    We had a bug where the adds in phase one didn't spwaned until Gormok was dead (Actually they spawned in one position and rushed some random players a few sec after). The boss was tanked on the wooden platform just next to the big door. It was on TotGC and the +15% damage bonus didn't applied on Gormok ...

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    Re: Northrend Beasts Bug

    Funny Icehowl bug but we resisted the temptation. This was on the first night of tries prenerf etc...


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    Re: Northrend Beasts Bug

    My guild ended up with a Snobald that just wouldn't die in our first 25m heroic attempt. Thanks to that jerk, we couldn't move on. >

    At least we had fun nuking him over and over to help with our frustration.

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    Re: Northrend Beasts Bug

    We've had a bug where we had a snobold sit on the floor at 1% HP for the entire night evading ^^

    And then we had a bug last night where the chest from Faction Champions didn't despawn, so we had it in the middle of the room for the rest of the night, for the Twin fight (didn't affect us a bit though since we're not tanking them there anyways), then when we wiped at Anub'arak and ran in again, we spawned on the chest that was hanging in open air. -.^

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    Re: Northrend Beasts Bug

    I can nod to all above bugs and got one extra to share with you, our post taken from the EU Raids and Dungeons -


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