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    Re: ToC heroic 10 Man

    Quote Originally Posted by Ascal
    i don't think he is a troll. i just think he failed really, really hard.
    thats a possibility too =P

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    Re: ToC heroic 10 Man

    If you have some sort fo Boss mods, which i assume you do, you can look at the time of the next impale and taunt off each other correspondingly to only have 2 stacks for almost the entire fight, considering your a paladin. Use your HoP and Bubble/Dsac when you can it'll help out alot. We run with 3 healers, just to be safe and our dps is real good even with 5, but if you and your tank work on your timing im sure you could manage it with 2 good healers.

    We failed hard when we got to Jaraxxus. The hardest part in this fight is controlling the Nether Portal. It has to be destroyed before the 2nd Mistress spawns. 3 healers, much less 2, will have an extremely difficult time healing through all the dmg on this fight, especially if 2 or more Mistresses are getting through the portal.


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    Re: ToC heroic 10 Man

    You want a balance of both Avoidance and HP here. You want enough HP to be able to take the ticks of Impale as they stack up (2 tops all times imo) as well as a hit or two if you dont avoid a tap or a heal isnt precast.

    Aim for 35k unbuffed depending what your current avoidance is at. Your warrior tank should easily be at this already and at least 22% parry / 25% dodge with much lower SBR/SBV than average. No idea about exact pala stats as I only have a prot war alt..

    Ideally, Vigilance on yourself and send in the Warrior tank. After the second impale hits let it tick for maybe 2/3 seconds and taunt off. Rinse and repeat until your 2 then simply juggle it every time Impale wears off. As he drops you want to try and be the last tank on the boss, pop cooldowns if you need to take 3/4 impales then an easy BoP to remove impale when down. By which point your Warrior already has no bleed and is ready to pickup a worm.
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    Re: ToC heroic 10 Man

    You really need to start working on your HP. you have almost 10k less HP than our MT, and that really makes a huge difference when healing that fight. Since you're over defense requirement for crit cap just switch your gems for stam and try to get as much of it as you can.
    If I were you I wouldn't use HoP or Bubble on the first impale, save it for the time when the worms come out so you're both not taking damage from 2 different sources.
    Me and a holy priest actually 2 heal all 10 man hard mode fights... just have your healers use their defensive CDs on you if you really think you need them.

    Have fun!

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    Re: ToC heroic 10 Man

    Quote Originally Posted by Keh
    Ideally, Vigilance on yourself and send in the Warrior tank.
    Vigilance damage reduction doesnt stack with Blessing of Sanctuary so just to give extra threat to the warrior it's better to give Vigilance to a DPS.

    I am almost at 38k HP unbuffed and there's still times where it's hard in H ToC so i don't find it odd at all that you'r struggling at 32k unbuffed. Part of this struggle does also depend on how good your healers are at keeping you topped off.

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    Re: ToC heroic 10 Man

    Lookin' at raid comp, you're minus a replenishment, meaning it could very well be a healer trying to conserve mana issue, (Or maybe running oom)

    From my guild runs on beasts heroic, its less of a tank gear issue, and more of a healer keep up with it issue, and with a holy paladin in the raid, its actually quite easy to manage, (Beacon one, spam other) But without a replenishment... your healers will be hurting.

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    Re: ToC heroic 10 Man

    Quote Originally Posted by nightrise
    Im wearing Avoidance trinkets, With Black heart+JC trinket i have 35k

    edit: also after getting my new shield i can re-socket some def to stamina
    imo stack stam
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    Re: ToC heroic 10 Man

    most tanks stack stam, and get avoidance from gear.

    we cleared 10 man toc heroic with 47 attempts left and got the uber tribute chest and achievements, and both tanks were 50k + buffed, and i had 35.5k mana buffed.

    it takes the top players to do the heroic till gear catches up.

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    Re: ToC heroic 10 Man

    Sounds like insufficient healing. Even without a replenishment, healers should not feel the pinch of running low on mana until the worms, not during Gormok.

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    Re: ToC heroic 10 Man

    Stack stam, and armor

    Gormuk hits hard on heroic, it's mainly his burst which you need to worry about so don't worry so much about avoidance

    Also maybe use indestructable pots during p1

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    Re: ToC heroic 10 Man

    Your not stacking the buffs right.

    A little trick if your using a prot pally is to take the buff stack to 4 or 5 and Divine shield out of it after the other tank taunts. Then BoP The other tank when he takes 5 stacks too.

    Our comp for ToC and ToGC is

    Prot Pally
    Feral Druid

    Ele Shaman
    Enh Shaman
    Furry Warrior
    SPriest/ Disc Priest

    Holy Paladin
    Resto Druid

    Imo one the best comps you can have.

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