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    Paladin healing on Blade Lord Ta'Yak

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for some advice regarding healing phase 2 (the tornadoes) as holy paladin.
    Currently im specced with Light's Hammer, which is handy for when stacking on the boss.

    However during phase, while running, i'm barely able to heal due to the tornadoes hitting me.

    I have not yet been able to find a solution for this problem, thats why im wondering how other paladins doing this.
    I'm 2 healing it with a restoshammy.

    Could anyone give me some advice?

    Thanks in advance

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    Holy prism works well for running as well as holy shock followed by eternal flame or light of dawn... and maybe even LoH if someone gets really low.


    "However during phase, while running, i'm barely able to heal due to the tornadoes hitting me."

    You should never be getting hit anyways.

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    Just take the speed of light talent and run to the other side. Might need a speed pot for the first wave.
    I'll admit when I did it like this one of the dps died but I think they got hit by a tornado.

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    1) Your resto shaman should be using Spiritwalker's Grace to do (or carry, if you prefer) most of the healing.

    2) The one thing I've found that works is Holy Avenger + Light of Dawn or Eternal Flame, but generally there's little else I can do. Prism isn't really good except as a single target heal for obvious reasons here. You can also use a Devotion Aura to reduce incoming damage.

    3) I have a thread earlier where I asked for some help as a paladin healer (on heroic): http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...y-ak-10-heroic

    The same stuff should apply to normal (I presume) and there's definitely a lot less damage on normal. On either difficulty you can use the warlock gate or speed of light to move as quickly as possible - if others get caught by tornadoes and get dragged out of range, that's their fault. Once you reach the end, you can Holy Radiance + Daybreak people in range who are still in the tornado stream.

    4) At around 11% you should get into the slipstream to get to the other end, it's mainly a heroic strategy (required almost) but good for normal as well.

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    Make sure you top everyone up BEFORE you start running. As soon as you come out of the cyclones drop light's hammer and then pop HA and HS/EF/HR/EF to blanket. You'll use a lot of mana but thats okay because you can plea while you run. When running all you can really do is holy shock and ef/lod (and lay hands once but use it wisely), but if everyones topped they should be able to get to the end without much healing, especially if the shammy is using SWG. You can also use Devo Aura to reduce the aoe dmg.

    The first run through the gauntlet is infinitely harder because on the second one you can have 9 players leave early (11-12%) and use the slipstream for massive speed boost to get to the other end, while the last person+dots whittle away the boss to 10%.

    If you really struggle with dodging the tornados don't forget that if you bubble you can run through them safely, allowing you to ignore them for a little bit. But honestly you should be able to dodge them, they are a relatively easy mechanic - practice on LFR if you need to!
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    Using various healing and defensive cooldowns from your dps (and tanks) to carry you through it seems to be the best method. As a feral I can make it to the other side without a single heal, shadowpriests can dispersion, PWS themselves, prayer of mending, halo for heals etc..

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    I actually run the same setup as you, with a resto shammy.

    Healing this fight, I prefer Holy Prism anyway for phase 1. It tends to be more efficient since the only big raid-wide damage comes from unseen strikes. After that though, everyone spreads back out anyway, so Holy Prism will be a better group-heal. It also gives you a really nice spike heal for later in the phase when tanks are getting hit very hard.

    Tricks for Phase 2:
    - If he isn't already, have your shammy pick up glyph of Riptide. (removes the cd so he can spam it onto the whole raid)
    - When phase 2 starts, have the raid wait for about 5 seconds before starting to run the hallway. During this time, you should pop a cd (I like Divine Favor here) and start pumping out AoE healing to get everyone topped off. HR/HS/HR/LoD should nearly top everyone. You may need a second cycle of it though. Meanwhile, your shammy should riptide the raid so they have some HoTs going while they run.
    - As soon as everyone is topped off, run fast (speed of light talent is amazing here). Toss out some shocks/prism/EF as you run, but don't try to stop and cast anything.
    - divine plea while you run since you won't be doing much healing anyway

    - other end of the hallway, at ~12%, pop another CD (probably Avenging Wrath) and start spamming out AoE heals again to top off and build big illuminated shields. Again have your shammy riptide blanket. Everyone should be nearly topped off and hopefully have a good amount of shields by the time they start moving to the other end.
    - once again, HS/HP/EF as you run but don't try to cast anything.

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    Holy Shock, Holy Radiance quick casts when proc'd (you should have more than enough time to get the cast off when it's proc'd) and light of dawn's. Start the phase off with full Holy Power and you'll have no problem getting across. Pop a Devo as you start should help somewhat. I use a shift macro to divine protection or bubble myself so that I don't have to worry about self heals.
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    Hello you, gonna try to explain this so it's easy to understand

    Heal the raid up before you start to run, Tranq(or something similar) - Pop Holy Avenger + Avenging Wrath(you should have them off cooldown). Only use Holy shock + Infusion of light proc for Holy radiance - Holy power should be used on Light of Dawn. At 12-11% the raid jumps into the wind at the side and run all the way to the otherside, leave 1 or 2 for the last damage needed. Use Devotion Aura when needed.

    Remember to go for the talent Clemency - Hand of Protection will remove Wind step, and having that 2 times + your own bubble is 3 wind step you don't need to heal, saves a lot of mana, especially on HC.

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    Spec sanctified wrath, holy prism, use aura mastery abit after u are being sucked in when the p2 starts. at 20% u pop wings and u can spam holy shock and gain aot of holy power for eternal flames, at 10% u can use guardian. Thats how we healed it hc, disc hpala healing.

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    Thanks for the advices, everyone.
    We killed him later that evening, although some things you guys stated i did not yet know, thanks again for that!

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