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    Re: Premonition downs Anub'arak 25 Heroic

    ^^^ Lawl.

    Grats to Premonition.

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    Re: Premonition downs Anub'arak 25 Heroic

    Quote Originally Posted by Regen89
    Frost patch change pretty much means nothing. Loot always helps, if they were 0.7% away last week that is easily covered with slightly better play, always just a matter of time when you are that close to a kill. They ran out of attempts, its that simple.
    This is pretty much it. There was no change that made any difference, we didn't even know about the holy wrath thing until they nerfed it, and never had any problems with frost patches before that fix.

    Though honestly, in our last few attempts leading up to the kill it seemed like more bugs were spawning during burrow phases, but that's neither here nor there.

    We were agonizingly close on our very last attempt last week, and had a couple of close ones before that, that fell apart due to minor mistakes.

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