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    hey folks,

    does the +20% dmg effect only affect dots that are applied after i put on haunt or does it strengthen the oney already ticking, too?

    quick question from a fellow wl

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    Re: Haunt-question

    Rule: DEBUFFS (Shadow Embrace, Haunt, Curse of Elements) will affect all dots currently on the target.

    Rule: BUFFS (Trinket, Fel Armor, Demonic Pact) will affect only spells you cast while you have these buffs.

    Exception to Rules above: Some boss fights require you to have these buffs and will amplify the dots for you automatically. Thaddius is an example. Fights where this buff is optional, but recommended (Malygos Power Spark) you still have to reapply the dot.

    TLDR: Yes, strengthens all dots, including the ones already ticking.

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    Black is what darkness looks like.

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