Thread: Why no US Love?

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    Re: Why no US Love?

    I am from the US and we all know that the Chinese are better.

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    Re: Why no US Love?

    Quote Originally Posted by d3v
    Stop making a mountain out of a mole hill, tard. You freaks look for anything to complain about.
    Who's even complaining? so far all I've read is intelligent conversation. It seems part of the problem is people like yourself with real life self esteem issues who come on the forums and in WoW and try and pick fights.

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    Re: Why no US Love?

    Because masturbation, not Baseball, is our national passtime.

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    Re: Why no US Love?

    Quote Originally Posted by nitrizzle
    Even a demigod such as Boub must sleep occasionally.
    Is this confirmed speculation?
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    Re: Why no US Love?

    OP is obviously an Exodus fanboy.

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    Re: Why no US Love?

    Quote Originally Posted by Omein
    Is this confirmed speculation?
    Nope, no sources for that one Omein!
    Quote Originally Posted by kazmeyer
    What makes more sense, genius?* That your uber-security had a flaw, or that someone cracked Blizzard's servers and instead of compromising thousands of accounts, they just singled out you?* What did you do, piss off the Joker or something? - 80 Prot Warrior - 80 MM hunter
    PVP is a matter of overcoming your own weaknesses while exploiting the weaknesses of others.

    If you suck, it's because you can't comprehend the previous sentence.

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    Re: Why no US Love?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnadriel
    Because us europeans are mean, bad people who want to downlplay everything US guilds do at every turn.

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