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    pot choice as affli?

    pot of wild magic gives u sp wich is most important and crit, pot of speed gives u haste wich is superior then crit.
    soo.. wich one is better, pot of wild magic or pot of speed? as affli.
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    Re: pot choice as affli?

    from 3.0 to now 3.2 its been said speed pot and do not use speed pot during hero. now its only logical if under the situation that your haste caped due to fight mechanics or hero and need that extra boost for that time then go wild magic, no use in more haste when it doesn't do any thing. but that case is rare, so better to stick with speed pots.

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    Re: pot choice as affli?

    ok first, If you gonna use hero in a fight there is no question use wild magic.
    if there is no hero depend of your haste and the situation...

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    Re: pot choice as affli?

    Wild Magic is good for multi-mob situations where you can apply super charged dots to multiple targets.
    Haste is good for getting in more single target dps.

    If you use Wild Magic during a heroism ensure your dot refreshing lines up with the 10s window. Thus you have your best spells benefitting from the potion. A bad example would be popping it right after you cast UA, because now you have to clip UA for it to benefit from the buff.

    Your best bet would be to line up a Potion of Haste during Drain Souls with Eradication. Eradication pops, refresh dots as required, Potion of Speed, Haunt, Drain Soul then watch that bad boy tick for full damage every 1.5s or so. Eradication will have worn off, but you just extended it's haste bonus for as long as Drain Soul is active. Boom, massive dps.

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