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    No Sense

    Just look at the damage he did.. and just look at the spec and the equip feral druid weared.. ferocious bite not talented, deadly + relentless + common pve items

    4954 + 5636(overkill)

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    Re: No Sense

    Perfect sense, well he must have used his trinkets or some sort of attack buff + ToTT from his rogue partner.

    in 3's when I get ToTT and Arcane Power I crit from 10k-11k which is about how much he did.

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    Re: No Sense

    Maybe the situation was not so clear. We first killed the rogue then he critted and killed me(Skyky) for around 8800 ferocious (no screen).

    So druid got no powerup.. im not going to hit such hard unless they leave me exploding my arcaneblast under ap..

    think if this druid was even dresser with superiore equip... what? 15k ferocious? think.. you said TotT? 18k?

    feral druid should be nerfed again. no way

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    Re: No Sense

    Feral druids are good at bursting but both of their 2 hard hitting moves can be hard to execute

    shred- high energy cost and must be behind target

    ferocious bite - finisher so 5 pts and uses up to 65 energy PLUS you have to decide as a druid between a stun or ferocious bite

    in pve ferocious bite is hard to use because the feral druid rotation is difficult and me in my pre ulduar alt geared druid can get off maybe 2-3 per boss fight and they are large critting in the 13k range

    Ferals are fine l2play

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    Re: No Sense

    Those stats are from the wrong armory..

    No way any feral druid has 41 agi

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    Re: No Sense

    noobs can be powerful too
    the ensidia ban was clever marketing

    oh noes, someone is using engineering

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