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    Shaman UI - Syronius of Kilrogg

    I'm still looking for artists interested in developing graphics/textures.
    Please contact me for more info: [email protected]


    Things to look foward to:

    Spec specific power auras that will look, sound, and feel sharp and responsive.
    Clear and informative raid frames.
    Powerful and accurate bossmods.
    Alliance and Horde compatibility.
    Easy setup.
    Great textures and clear text / chat management.
    Easy buff and debuff management.

    I'm looking forward to my 3.2 release! I need an artist!! Contact me if you're interested!

    There's going to be Resto and Ele parts to this UI that you can switch to, so don't fret!

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    Re: Shaman UI - Syronius of Kilrogg

    Very nice UI. I really like the panels.

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    Re: Shaman UI - Syronius of Kilrogg

    WTB release of this awsome ui for shamans (could it be done for 1200x800)

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    Re: Shaman UI - Syronius of Kilrogg

    Why'd you make a new post instead of just bumping your old one?

    Anyway, I love your UI and I am so much going to use it when I get my new computer screen.

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