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    Starting PvP up as holy

    I am starting up PvP and was planning on healing in it cause all my friends are DPS only classes, was wondering if you had some pointers on a good starting up PvP talent build, how to get up your gear, and whether or not the spec in question will survive the patch.

    Was holy in the level 70 era, am now ret PvE, would like to try Holy PvP with my friends.

    Also any macros would be helpful...

    Also have read the sticky post of 3.2 Holy PvP and looked at the specs and was a little in question about them.

    Any help is appreciated, Thanks

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    Re: Starting PvP up as holy

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    Re: Starting PvP up as holy

    I did read the sticky, but it really didn't explain whether holy is viable with no resilliance, ie starting off PvP, or if it was better to go with Prot/healing starting off due to the extra survivability (Which I have read is getting nerfed). So in basics, can one successfully be holy for PvP with no resilliance or will they just get destroyed?

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    Re: Starting PvP up as holy

    I would just like to know for starting up PvP healing, does a paladin in general with little to no resilliance want to shoot for Prot/healing as a starter, or Holy as a starter?

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    Re: Starting PvP up as holy

    I also apologize for being so nubish, but PvP is not my specialty...

    PvE Ret... Big change for me

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