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    Alchemy/Herbalism vs. Engineering (PvP)

    Hello, I am a retribution paladin and I am playing cleave (faceroll, yes I am aware of that). Now as we are going into 2k bracket I want to maximize my performance in arena. So I read that engineering gives extra burst, nitro boots of epicness etc, and now I want to try engineering.

    So these are my questions:
    1. Is it worth abandoning one of these professions to get engineering for PvP?
    2. If yes, which one?

    Thank you in advance, and farewell.
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    Re: Alchemy/Herbalism vs. Engineering (PvP)

    You can't use boots in arena. Only the rocket gloves.

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    Re: Alchemy/Herbalism vs. Engineering (PvP)

    1. Is it worth abandoning one of these professions to get engineering for PvP?
    Worth is a relative term and really depends on what you think and experience. Do you feel that some extra burst is needed? For me, it's very helpful in arena since I lack burst. The other question is, do you have the gold to do it? Engineering is a blast for BGs, Arena, raids, hell everything. Lots of fun toys and some really useful ones.

    2. If yes, which one?
    Does the heal from Herbalism save you a lot?
    If not, dump it for Engineering. Alchemy by itself can make some great gold.
    If it does, maybe dropping Alchemy is better for you. If you use either to make gold, make sure you're willing to farm on it.
    If it were me, I'd dump Herb and keep Alch.

    Hope this helps (^_-),

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