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    Ret pvp advices.

    Heya fellow paladins, mby my requiest is abit too much but I need some serious 2v2, 3v3 arena advices. Haven't played my paladin (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...n=Twistedfaith) in arena since TBC and back then it was holy so that doesn't count, my gear is in need of serious changes thats just obvious but I feel like something is missing when I play 2v2. My team is with an undergeared rogue which is one of the few guys that actually speaks english, (I'm on an italian realm that has most of the skilled players either busy already or simply not english speaking)so i'm kinda forced to play with him to get points and eventually Relentless weapon. We played to 1400 pretty good, I was calling the CC, target etc... but eventually when we got up the ladder everything became much harder(Captain Obvious is obvious lol) At 1600 he started missing 50% of the sap or just unstealthed before he had the oppertunity to do so, got killed way before i can actually do something like bop, sacrifice(gotta admit, dont use it that often which is retarded ;/). I'm in need of some retri advices on how to prevent my partner getting raped, how to blow things up myself. Thanks in advance to all who read this wall of text, sorry for my childish english.
    Cheers! ;D

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    Re: Ret pvp advices.

    Go go 3v3's and celebrate your relentless weapon.

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