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    Why is prot the best for PVP dps and healing?

    Why do prot palas rape more than ret palas with the same being said for holy, I thought this shit was getting fixed before season 7 yet it's still the same? prot palas in pvp are doing absolutely insane damage while being near impossible to kill, same for prot holy, they take like no damage while healing shitloads. Why does it seem if you want to be good at pvp you need to be prot? I remember a prot pala in WSG raping EVERYTHING, then I saw the same retard today as ret and he sucked ass, 0-7, tommorow I'll end up seeing him back as prot since he failed hard at ret.

    Palas are killing wow, they remove the fun out of pvp completely and I'm sure people only go prot because it's lame as fuck and totally OP and not because they want to, do you go prot because it beats standard ret and holy? I guess this is a QQ post but surely I'm not the only one sick and fucking tired of a tank with a shield doing more dmg than everyone else? all I can say is GG Blizz, you have without doubt made palas the most bullshit class on the game, no wonder you see so many palas now, hell I see more palas than any other class, soon everyone will be a pala and the only spec we will all use is prot.

    I guess you palas will come here and deny prot is OP or whatever, but you should check SK 100 and find out every single holy pala is prot holy, people used to whine about DKS lmfao, palas are killing wow alot worse than DKS did even before they got nerfed.

    So yea, who here is sick of prot in pvp? you think it makes sense someone with a fast weapon and shield can do so much dmg against people with 600+ res?

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    Re: Why is prot the best for PVP dps and healing?

    A "X will kill WoW" thread.
    New, interesting, and locked.

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