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    jc daylies

    hello boyz n girls!

    I just reached 430 and i was wondering how many jc daylies r there?

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    Re: jc daylies

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    Re: jc daylies

    proto dragon
    dark iron dwarf

    6 in total. a hint i can give you:
    get 32 stacks of saronite ore from the AH and spend a few minutes prospecting them. you'll get around 20 of each gem, enough for at least 3 weeks of doing the daily. pop them in your bank (1 12 slotter is enough).
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    Re: jc daylies

    nzall pretty much summed it up xD

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    Re: jc daylies

    thanks 4 answers...

    6 daylies at one day or one of them each day?

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    Re: jc daylies

    One of the above dailys chosen at random per day, so you can only aquire one token per day in other words.

    However if you have lots of titanium ore to prospect you have a chance to have titanium dust drop from doing that and handing in x10 of the dust will give you another jc token. There is no limit on how many stacks of x10 of titanium dust you can hand in per day.

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