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    Re: Need help with 130 JC to atleast 400 only 500g to spend tho

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    ive just dropped skinning and started JC and Ive hit a bump , no Tin ore in AH , no chacs to mine iron or tin , and not enough gold for gold bars at 20g ea, i need some kind of guide :P
    As many people have pointed out, leveling JC will cost thousands of gold. The cost will be the same whether you mine the materials yourself or happen to find them dirt cheap in the AH.

    You should realize that all the advice given in this thread (level a miner, do dailies, buy underpriced stuff from the AH) are actually just generic ways of earning those thousands of gold and not linked with leveling JC in particular. Therefore you should think about all the money making tools that are available to you (be creative), calculate the highest gold/hour activity and grind that until you make the 4-5kg that leveling JC will cost.

    For example, one advice was to look for very cheap gems in the AH. However, why should you limit yourself to looking for cheap gems in particular when you could just as well be looking for any items that are underpriced, re-list them, and use the profits to buy gems? This advice is the same as "play the AH to make gold", except it's worse since it's telling you to limit your profit opportunities to just gems.

    Another popular advice is to level a miner. For this you have to calculate how many hours of playtime it will take from character creation to the point where you have collected all the materials. Then calculate the total AH value of all those materials and divide by the total time it took to collect them. If that value is less than the gold/hour of doing dailies, for example, then you should do dailies instead. (Although your mining character will have residual value even after you have maxed JC which you might want to take into account.)

    Typically the highest gold/hour activity will be available on your main since it will be better geared and have faster mounts opening gold making opportunities that you can't get on less developed alts. This is the reason why leveling a mining alt is probably not a good idea; in the time it takes to collect all the mats on your alt, you could've grinded enough gold on your main to buy the mats from the AH and have a pile left over too.

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    Re: Need help with 130 JC to atleast 400 only 500g to spend tho

    I recently started a couple characters on another server to play with friends. My main didn't have collection skills. So, after leveling to 80, I started a DK for collection. It took me approximately 9-hours of playtime to collect the materials to level JC from 1-300. I also leveled the DK skills (mining/herb) along the way. Its a medium density server with wild AH fluctuations, i.e. no reliability.

    The late level gems are arguably the largest stumbling block... citrine, aquamarine, large opals, huge emeralds, etc. I prospected them all. Rates were around 20-30% for the ones I needed. I sold off the excess to recoup my some of "time-cost."

    If you don't have time or don't have cash, you're out of luck.
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    Re: Need help with 130 JC to atleast 400 only 500g to spend tho

    When i Switched my main to jewecrafting, I went and rolled a dk, and gave him mining. Just running around azeroth and leveling mining to 300, i got almost enough mats to get to 300 jcing. I think I spent a couple hundred gold on it. Mining while leveling through outland, I got enough mats to level to 375. It was fairly easy, and all together I spent less than 1000 gold on training, recipes, and the few things I bought out of the ah

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