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    Re: Onyxia Loot Table

    Loot table is missing the tanking ring.

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    Re: Onyxia Loot Table

    I wan the swor bad :-\ :-\ run it 2time and still not drop 25/10men maybe this up comining week

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    Re: Onyxia Loot Table

    I has mount from 10 man

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    Re: Onyxia Loot Table

    Quote Originally Posted by Dlonyer
    I discovered that the proc on rusted/tarnished GGRipper reduces the HP on boss mobs by a considerable amount, similar to how Vindication used to work. I tested it on multiple ulduar bosses, as well as on the boss dummy; they all lost about 2m hp.
    You're kidding, right?

    I feel a hotfix inc ..

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