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    Total noob Paladin, looking for gearing help.

    I'm a scrub in greens, and probably a bad. My paladin just hit 80 today, and though originally my goals with him were small and solo oriented, my ideas have changed. Nonetheless, I'm not intending on being in an Icecrown-level guild, but I'd like to run heroics, perhaps see the new Onyxia and that sort of thing. What's some good entry-level gear I can get for holy/ret? I'm focusing on holy more than ret at this point, seeing as I have more experience healing.

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    Re: Total noob Paladin, looking for gearing help.

    Depends how much gold you have to spend. There's almost a full set of craftable and BoE epics. Personally, I'd just run heroics to get T8/T9 and other badge loot.

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    Re: Total noob Paladin, looking for gearing help.

    The best thing that you can do is to download the addon Atlasloot. Search through it. Find the items you want and work to them. Wowhead also has a comprehensive list and easy search functions to find gear. Many very very good pieces of gear are obtainable through emblems of Triumph and Conquest. There is also plenty of craftable gear that will last you a very long time, but will cost you a hefty amount of gold to just straight up purchase.

    Do these things, research your class, and read the Pally FAQs and by the time Icecrown comes out you should have all the gear you need to be competitive.

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