Thread: Issue with PRAT

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    Issue with PRAT

    I have had this issue with PRAT of late. It seems to be freezing a line of text at the top of the chat box. if i scroll up the line stays there, and doesnt fade with the rest of the text. If i scroll up and down a few times sometimes i can get it to go away, but not always. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Issue with PRAT

    I have this same issue as well with PRAT with the remaining one line at the very top that never goes away. So far I have not found a solution for it. :|

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    Re: Issue with PRAT

    It's a known (and annoying bug) with prat, there's a bug report on it here. The only solution for now is to disable 2-column chat.
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    Re: Issue with PRAT

    i can handle that, ty

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