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    Hi, I have one question

    Now I am starting with WOTLK, and can some1 tell me if is skilling JWC in WOTLK from 0 skill easily then in BC? or it is same, when I buy mats from ah or spend a lot days on farming ores and gems from mining?

    Thank you for answer

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    Re: JWC

    here is a great guide for leveling JC

    The only part that I had issues with was 275 to 350, these mats are not farmed that much anymore and you dont see them much on the AH and when you do, at least on my sever, they cost a pretty penny
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    Re: JWC

    prepare to have a bit of money leftover if you want to level JC. i spent about 2.5K on gems and the fewer selling bars. the good thing, tho, was that once i got at 300 skill, it went rather smooth. i used my flying mount to farm several dozen stacks of fel iron ore in hellfire, then about 5 stacks adamantite in nagrand, then at 350, i could start with howling fjord, zul'drak and (finally) sholazar and icecrown.

    if you need to buy the mats yourself, you can count on spending at least 5-10K, depending on prices and level you want to reach. but it is worth it. once you get a decent amount of epic gem recipes, and a good supply of titanium ore, you can start to make all that money back. prospect titanium ore, cut the epics, find a friendly alchemist who can transmute the blues into epics and turn the greens into JC tokens (via the daily) or icy prisms (frozen orbs).
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    Re: JWC

    For me the biggest problem is from 200-300. Well, im totally stuck on 200 now (since mining goes realy slow).

    But i know, after 300 its simply and verry fast.

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    Re: JWC

    Yes, I know it's same like in BC, but How much is skilling 200 maybe 250-300 ? When I have to buy some gems like Huge Emerald, Azerothian Diamond etc.

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