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    Re: Am I geared enough to Heal Naxxramas 10 Man?

    Screw naxx 10 man it useless now!

    Farm heroics get gear alot better than the one you would get out of naxx with the gear I
    got from heroics I never raided naxx my guilf just let m go to ulduar with shammy.
    I was pulling 4-5k dps without stepping foot in naxx once.
    Just farm heroics if you want armor.

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    Re: Am I geared enough to Heal Naxxramas 10 Man?

    i can heal naxx 10 ( look at sig)
    This user has been banned.

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    Re: Am I geared enough to Heal Naxxramas 10 Man?

    i think i had more mana back in tbc...

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    Re: Am I geared enough to Heal Naxxramas 10 Man?

    i remembered when i first hit lvl 80, we are still wearing t6. and we did naxx with 2 healers. at that time i think i had 1900sp and 19k mana pool.
    i have to say 1400sp is very low, and you will oom.

    but i realize you are a blacksmith, and you should socket your bracers/gloves and gem/enchant. nto the best but you have to gem/enchant properly.
    and i would recommend you to run some heroics before you try naxx10. because you don't wanna people hate you

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    Re: Am I geared enough to Heal Naxxramas 10 Man?

    Important and obvious question:

    Have you healed before? Have you healed Lich King content before? Have you healed as a paladin much?

    We took an paladin healer into Ulduar who was in mostly heroic epics and quest blues (good player's alt). He did fine, but he has tons of experience healing. He also had two other healers to back him up.

    When Naxx was new, you took 3 healers, but these days 2 good ones can carry it. I highly doubt anyone would take you after looking at your gear, and if they did, you'd never manage with only one other healer. The lack of stats would mean your heals would be low, making you cast more of them, and using up your small mana pool very quickly. With two decent healers, you would be fine, but essentially they'd be carrying you, and no one likes to carry people.

    Get some more heroics under your belt. The experience will benefit you, teaching you how to react in different situations. Learning how to manage your mana in 5 mans with poor gear will make you a more efficient healer in the long run. If you can keep 5 people alive on your own, keeping 10 up with other healers to help will be a doddle.

    Check out this site for a handy reference of nice paladin loot from instances and rep (click the show only caster gear for holy loot). Get into a farm group for TOTC normal, there's a good helm, boots and an awesome trinket. There's always farm runs for trinkets or abyss crystals, so you shouldn't have a hard time getting a group. Plenty of other goodies in heroics to get, along with badges - pick up a libram ASAP. Wear a tabard, Kirin Tor and/or Wyrmrest for head enchant at revered, Argent Crusade has a couple of nice epics at exalted. A couple more dailies will get you honoured with Sons of Hodir for the shoulder enchants

    To get back to the original question, I'm leaning towards no. I started healing heroics at 80 in similar gear (shaman PVP blue set) and it was rough. In most cases I just didn't have big enough heals or enough mana to outheal the general stupidity you get in PUGs. Even with a sensible group, I was very mana starved (PVP gear does not favour sustainability), and still had the odd death when there was a high damage ability I was expecting. Even when I was about half-epicced I just couldn't manage Sapphiron with only one other healer - it's a huge amount of raid damage especially with idiots standing in the blizzard. :P If you don't have a lot of experience healing, I'd suggest you start healing level 80 normals first to get used to your abilities, and/or pick up gear from heroics using your off-spec. It's much easier learning when superior gear gives you some slack (did this gearing up my tank, partied with a friend who didn't need any of the tank drops).

    Don't jump in at the deep end, you'll be better off for it. If you bite off more than you can chew, you'll find it very hard to get into another raid. Don't ruin your reputation by being too eager for raiding. Though healers may be in high demand, no one forgets a bad one.

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    Re: Am I geared enough to Heal Naxxramas 10 Man?

    The way I always went on healing 10 Naxx (pre-Uld) it was 1500 minimum SP, 16k minimum mana, and about like 20 - 25% crit. When those 3 stats were there you were good to go.

    Now that good gear is easy to get, run regular or heroic ToC to fill the gaps.

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    Re: Am I geared enough to Heal Naxxramas 10 Man?

    Heroic ToC is harder than Naxx 10. It's actually harder than Naxx 25, which makes sense... the gear is better. :P

    Don't worry about Naxx either way, get in the habit of doing normal ToC as much as you can, the heroic daily and heroic ToC if you can get a good party. Once you've got all the choice pieces from ToC you'll be ready for Ulduar instead of Naxx. Not that you can't do Naxx to get T8.5 badge gear anyway.

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    Re: Am I geared enough to Heal Naxxramas 10 Man?

    I've had a friend's 1-day 80 shaman alt with barely more gear than that with me on an Ulduar 10 pug. Difference was, she has 3+ years of healing experience and did just fine.

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    Re: Am I geared enough to Heal Naxxramas 10 Man?

    Yes, fair enough

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    Re: Am I geared enough to Heal Naxxramas 10 Man?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tinyknight
    I healed naxx 10 and 25 in my T6, if you're lvl 80 (and competant), then you're good to go.

    GL getting a group without epic though.
    I tanked it in t6 (that was my offspec since i was resto) the first time we cleared it, just because we were like 23 80s in the server at that time. Naxx as an entry level raid is surprisingly forgiving.

    Dot like there's no tomorrow.

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