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    Looking for addon

    Well im basicly looking for an addon that saves keybindings/bar settings. So that if you change them you can put them back to the last saved way very easily instead of having change keybindings/bars all over again, something like the dualspec system.]

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    Re: Looking for addon

    Cooldown Count, not sure for the keybindings.

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    Re: Looking for addon

    CooldownCount doesn't have anything to do with what he's asking.

    Sadly, Hypermode, this isn't possible - keybinds and button layouts are stored on the server, not locally. At least, it's not possible with a normal addon. You can try Macaroon, since it doesn't use the blizzard actionbar info, it may be able to do this. Not sure about the keybinds, but it should work for your button layouts.
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