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    FPS tanks whenever I mouseover a mob

    Alright, I usually have around 140-160 FPS at all times, but now whenever I am not in combat and my cursor goes over a frame, mob, or anything that you can click on, my FPS drops to around 12. But when I am in combat, I can mouse over Grid without my FPS failing, but nothing else. Does anyone know what is wrong?

    Some extra stuff -

    I play with all settings at maximum, the problem persists even with everything at minimum.

    I have tried enabling and disabling verticle sync, still having problems either way.

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    Re: FPS tanks whenever I mouseover a mob

    there are many addons that modify your mouseover tooltips, so it can only be that.

    either update all your addons, or try to find out which one it is

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    Re: FPS tanks whenever I mouseover a mob

    What tooltip addon are you using? If it's Cowtip, I suggest changing to something else, due to the base libraries being so bad that their author doesn't even write addons to use them anymore. I prefer Tiptac, personally.
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    Re: FPS tanks whenever I mouseover a mob

    Actually, it just... randomly fixed out of nowhere. Had this problem for almost a month, and it randomly fixed... No idea why. I use tiptac btw.

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    Re: FPS tanks whenever I mouseover a mob

    well there is this function in tiptac, who look for the target Talents tree
    but kill your fps.. dont think its that :-\

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