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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    You aren't that smart, even you try to prove it.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    even though that gold making guide "works" for you..

    it doesnt work for everyone.. prices for the mats is too high on my server..

    AND coz everyone reads this site or knows someone who does, the prices will be completely screwed up and the economy will change it, and you prolly cannot use this guide soon
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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    well strictly speaking there are a few more "profitable" activity left outside of the "guide", but what this guide really accomplishes is undermining the real utility of a few markets..
    with a little care one can still reap a medium profit, although some markets (like enchanting) just won't be profitable anymore for a 1-2 months :ç
    all in all a bad move for the market (for it will hurt old ah-ers, and won't help new ah-ers since those methods won't be working as good), a good move for the site (reaping visits i guess)..

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Nice guide

    It's the basic stuff though, he didn't get to the more advanced parts or making gold like posting times and griefing competition to make them stop or controlling prices so for the "real" AH people, theres no threat fortunately.
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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Fun to see that some here actually believes that posting this guide on a (quite major, frankly) fansite will inflate the prices on all realms.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Would like to see tailoring.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Quote Originally Posted by Pumps
    No its not.
    Addon that scans the AH - check
    Addon that crafts against a presetup list - check (sort of, it just craft all glyphs so you have a certain number in total of each - point is, it's possible)
    Addon that mills/prospect all - it's already done with a "craft all" for profession, so I'd say it's possible (besides Enchantrix can detect DEable/millable/prospectable mats and popup to ask you, again making it do it automaticly is trival)
    Addon that post on the AH based on a setup - check

    If all those addons already exists then chaining then is only a matter of inconvience. So here you have it, it's possible to make an addon like that with the current state of the API.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    17 pages, guess I got to this game a bit late.

    RE: some of the QQ about how Boub "ruined" the economy by posting this guide.

    Some of you need a better understanding of economics.

    Economists talk about "perfect information" and "perfect competition." A market is perfectly competitive when all parties know all relevant facts about a particular product.

    Imperfect information in an economic situation means that some people get less than the best deal they could and their opposite party gets a better deal than if the other side knew better.

    The "facts" that boub revealed, for example that when crafted into a Cobalt Triangle Shield, Cobalt has a vendor price of 1g38s per bar.

    Someone who sells cobalt for less than 1g38s presumably has imperfect information, or does have perfect information and is willing to take a discount off that price for some reason. (for example they don't want to find a blacksmith to craft those shields). The more people that know this, the more perfectly competitive the market gets.

    This won't drive prices down, it will only drive prices up. When prices get higher, you need to consider whether you can make more money being a farmer or a reseller.

    So, the market gets more competitive, now it's really hard to find cobalt for less than 1g38s on the AH, and this avenue is taken away. But before you could only sell your cobalt for about 20g a stack (less on my server), now you can sell it for at least 27.6g a stack.

    This is what you're missing. The idea of opportunity cost. Boub may have made certain activities less profitable by making them more competitve. But others are now going to get more profitable.

    Some people, when they play wow, will try to farm everything themselves.

    Others, will run dailies (or play the AH or whatever other sources of gold) and tend to buy nearly all of their mats off the auction house. I would assume most of us do something in between.

    If you're smart about trying to earn money, you'll think about how much time you spent doing one thing, and figure out if you could make more money doing something else.

    Also, if you're like me, you probably have lots of mats stocked up. If the prices of cobalt and shadows and earths have skyrocketed when i get home from work today, guess what I'm doing? Boub may have just made me a couple hundred gold.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Lol its blatantly easy to make money if tons use this guide most of you only know your one way though because someone told you how to do it and your not sure how to play the economy.

    Just like the recent economic times guess what lose a little in the short term profit hugely over a slightly longer span if your smart.

    Most of the people who are qqing that mouthbreathers are gonna ruin them are those same mouthbreathers that someone smart told what to do step by step.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Quote Originally Posted by Haxxored
    What this guide will do is, it will wreck the markets. Borean leather / cobalt ore prices are going to rocket up so every single batch is above the guide threshold value making collecting and mass DEing prohibitively expensive. On the other side disenchanted materials are going to stagnate as a fresh surge of DEed crap pours in from thousands upon thousands of players eager to try out the new tactics.

    In the end it takes a special type of person to amass huge gold vaults most people don't want to put the effort in simply because after 30-45k gold having bulging pockets doesn’t really do that much for ya.

    So think about farming Cobalt/Borean Leather instead, and hold onto your enchanting mats for the time being, or make them into enchants directly.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Well gz on all the 80s! And using the AllPlayed addon. I got the epic+dual-spec on 80s the poor way, by doing the remaining quests once at 80. :P I often find I can make items for an alt at a fraction of the AH price because I have all the professions over my alts, so I don't have to pay a premium for crafted stuff.

    But as the main lootz beyond that is all BoP/emblem anyway, what else do you spend 125k on, besides focusing mounts/pets on one char?

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    WAY too many people know how to make dust now, in fact I'd say most are just too lazy because it takes too much time for minimal profit. This is largely due to another well known site publishing the methods over and over. So yes, over-exposure does happen. Shards might be less known(maybe not after this post) but they are also in less demand. But the richest are always the ones who keep their methods under wraps!

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Murderous people complaning that everyone can kill nowdays. Fun.

    This post will inflate praces for reagents (Eternals, Leather and Ores) for sure, but I hope it will help to controll Dusts prices somehow.

    Money on WOW is just useful for expensive achievs (mounts, pets, insane), or for gold selling. As someone already said, having huge ammounts of gold on your backpack is expensive, useless and irracional. And, when you have too much gold, you just can't afford the time to multiplicate it again, and again, when there will be no use for it (unless you are goldselling)

    Unless you are a maniac and want to controll realm prices (Potions, Dusts, Flasks, usefull stuff), there is no reason to have some much spare gold. And, if you are a economic maniac, seek help or go rich irl.


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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    One word: market value.

    If the prices ever get to high i can bet ppl will just go try to farm things themselves (which isn't hard to do). gems cost around 120g on my server but why spent that if i can buy them with honor and get a friend to cut them. Same thing with enchanting get a friend to de all your greens and enchant your stuff if the price is too high on AH.
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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Smart people will use this bandwagon phase to make money off of the masses. Not much is going to change in terms of who's going to be rich/poor in the long run.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Showing off Quick Auctions is a great way to ruin a market with everyone using it, But hey I already made my gold just sucks for everyone else!

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Vanish is balanced around it being bugged?

    Am I the only one seeing an issue with this?


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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    I just have to say:

    Boub, thank you. I will never run out of dust now. (And being the one who enchants all of my raiders and my three high lvls (going on 4), I run out of dust A LOT!)


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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Oh noes. What will I ever do without my WoW gold!

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    This is why we can never have nice things.

    My server has always had fucked up prices, used to the ridiculous prices. I just farm my own mats, turn them into 71+ stuff and have someone else enchanted, not because i need to make money, i just need the fucking mats to have something enchanted on my gear.

    This guide may or may not help the situation, but it's business as usual here.
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