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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Yep after this was posted all the stuff went up on the AH so much for "making money" from it now.
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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Well, being on a decent sized, older realm here, I noticed an immediate effect on many of the prices on the Horde side of our server at least. LW and BS mats have in some cases quadrupled in price and borean leather and a number of ores are now next to non-existant on the AH due to being bought up and wasted on junk greens and blues that are being DE'd for mats. As a legitimate crafter I was quite annoyed to find most of the mats I needed to craft my OWN epics, etc were either non-existant or the prices were so jacked up to make them nearly wipe out my entire small supply of gold. And I know more than a few gold farmers read the two posts on this money-making-scheme and have followed suit by buying any and all crafting mats that might even remotely make a marginal profit and jacking their prices up such that most legitimate crafters who need the mats for their guilds equipemnt or their own equipment are now out of business for the foreseeable future, or until such time as all of the idiots realize that while the 'guide' may be good to know.. actually posting it to the masses defeats the entire purpose of having such a guide as EVERYONE has now realized that all of the materials needed to make any sort of profit when bought cheap and sold as crafted items/de'd mats are no longer available at the formerly cheap prices. This has caused serious inflation.(Something Blizzard has already had to jack prices up in the past for.. "Enjoy paying 5000 gold for epic flying?? then how bout next expansion, underwater mount skill costs 20,000 gold? Oh well, we had to put it that price cause everyone has tons of money now from playing the auction house and scoring big.") The economy only works when there are poor and there are rich. It's a sad fact but by giving everyone tons of money you've merely undone all of Blizzards work in the last year or two to REMOVE gold from the economy so we don't have to pay such extensive prices for mounts, skills, etc etc.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Long time lurker -- first time posting --- (and i see a lot of "posts 1" users here in this thread).

    Boub --> your post brought out a lot of people to post on your site. Gratz.

    For all those who are whining about the costs and their tried and tested gold-making techniques to fail, fret not. This will only last for a few weeks till the idiots realize that they can't make any more money from these techniques as the numbers do not match what were in this nicely written guide. It will all die down in a couple of weeks and trust me on this, lot of people are going to lose gold or end up with all kind of mats with nothing to do.

    Even though the guide describes things as if explaining to a 7 year old, people still need brain to play the auction house, not everybody has the patience or the knack for it. Things will get back to normal, that's how it works and people who are too busy trying to make some gold now will go back to being lazy, spending time on doing other things in the game rather than playing the Auction house.

    Lastly I think boub had saved up quite a bit of borean leather and cobalt ore in his bags and was tired of seeing low prices on them, so he devised this brilliant technique to raise the prices of such raw material ..... its' all in the hype. Now that the prices are high, I bet he made a "crapload" of gold by selling all the mats he bought before he put the guides online! LOL.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Bou, you = sex. YOu have made leather more worth on my server

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Great guide! Thanks alot!

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Just a comment on your insistence that it only takes a few seconds to scan the AH with Auctioneer. Idk what kinda crazy connection you have but everyone I know takes a good 15 minutes to scan. That's at least definitely the norm on my server (Undermine, a medium pop). Just wanted to throw that out there. It definitely takes me a good twenty minutes to do any trading if I haven't already scanned recently.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    The quick scan is done in about two minutes.

    I have two issues with following this guide. Firstly, I can't find anything at a profitable price except a small amount of cobalt ore (that's fine, as I just get what I can, when I can and craft the two green items to DE), and then even barely so (on average so far, it has shown less than 1g profit for a 20 stack where my price is set to 1g50s max per ore). The fact that green gems go for ~3g20s and Crystallized Earth for 1g20 each makes jewelcrafting greens unprofitable. Haven't found any leather for less than (or even close to) 44s each. They are currently at over 60s per -- which may make DEing the leather items slightly profitable in the long run, but it may not yet be worth the risk.

    The second issue lies with enchanting scrolls. A lot of people put up popular enchanting scrolls for less than or close to minimum reagent cost. I'm talking ~600g for Massacre (reagent cost on my server works out to almost 600g, without accounting for the scroll). So until prices normalise again, I can't see enchanting scrolls as being a way to make any money at all; especially when it costs so much to make the greens to DE for reagents.

    Another, minor issue I have, is with Quick Auctions. I can't seem to get it to post what I add. There is a "Post" tab down the bottom of the auction window, not up the top, and it doesn't appear to be linked to QA at all. It says "Simple Auction" up the top, and makes me manually place an item into the window, and then choose a price for it. Any help with this part of using the addons would be appreciated.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Thanks for posting this!

    Due to it, with the help of my AH alt army prices of

    Borean leather are now 8G... each
    Eternal Earth 25G
    Eternal Shadow 25G
    Cobalt Ore 3G (Each)
    Frost Lotus 99G

    This is like taking candy from a baby!


    Now once the sheeple go away I can go back to my old ways of making money.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    I got a huge problem, Tnx for making this guide btw.

    When i post say, Weapon - Greater savagery, which should have a treshold on 73 and fallback on 146g according to the average ah price for mats.

    But when i posted, there were two scrolls allready on AH, and it got auctioned for 299g :S
    Noone will every buy the scroll for that much, it did undercut the competitiors, but still. shouldnt fallback price work as a max price aswell?
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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    As I can see, many ppl before me told that this guide, well its great.

    The question is, what's the point of making a great guide to make gold, since the greatness of it requires as less people as possible to know it.
    I dont belong in the minority of my server which uses and abuses AH or following any kind of such strategies.
    First time I read this post I said "Awesome, lets try it". Guess what, I tried it, as everyone in the server, didnt make any difference cause everybody knows.
    So if there is lets say a secret way to heaven, if it doesnt stay secret then heaven will be an overcrowded place with yelling and noise etc so its not anymore heaven:P

    What I am trying to say its whats the point of releasing such a guide, other than brag about yourself, since the time the "secret" gets revealed, the guide is completely useless.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Thank you for completly ruining a great way of making gold for those of us who are actually smart enough to figure these things on our own. Have to go off now and find a new way of making money due to the inflation caused purely by you and your big mouth.


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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    Oooooh Jewelcrafting ... What would I do without you. First you will need a LOT of Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow, then you can buy all the Bloodstone, Chalcedony, Sun Crystal and Huge Citrine from the AH below 1G or 1G50S depending on your economy.

    Ok, just when are; the Bloodstone, Chalcedony, Sun Crystal and Huge Citrine 'below 1G or 1G50S' on AH...

    Oh wait.. did they pop these prices because of this guide?

    I think the true beauty of making money is: the smaller the knowledge, the bigger the profit. That's why the mafia is still bringing in billions every year :P
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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    I also want to say thanks for ruining everything, especially on my server, Elune, which your SS were taken from. I tried scanning the AH several times lately, there was not even ONE item that was ONE copper above vendor price. And the mats of everything you listed in your guide are ridiculous and not even close. And yes, it's very obvious your photoshopped gold in to your SS.

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    Re: Auction House Guide, Vanish Bugs, Comics

    the problem with virtual economies is nimrod the materials are ever exhausted, they are always there. You get temporary shortages but that's it.

    The borean leather technique was bad advice consideringthe number of viewers on the site. It would always cause a price increase and only work if a few people did it. For our server it will make 1g an item, so making 120,000 would completely deplete the borean leather Market.

    I can't actually see how he did it anyway as even with the margins described, borean leather would have become so scarce the price wouldve shot up.

    It's a lot more just to price fix a certain commodity anyway, and less effort. You just need the capital to start with

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    LOL so many memories

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