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    LUI v2.0 released

    Hello everybody!

    2-3 months ago, the first version of LUI was born and the interest, request and especially the feedback was just overwhelming.
    Thank you very much for that.

    The wish vor more improvements, new innovations and support for several resolutions was very big, so i decided to start working on LUI v2.0 4-5 weeks ago.
    Today, many sleepless nights and cigarettes later i'm proud to give you the brand new LUI v2.0!


    Supported Resolutions:

    - Dynamic Layout: Means nearly everything you can see is totally indepentend. You can show/hide all the parts of the UI.
    You decide either you prefer a clean minimalistic UI or a informative, well structured ui for raider.

    - Slide Effects: Menus slides in/out. Parts of the UI alpha slides in/out. You have to see it!

    - Easy Configuration: Do you have more than one character? More than one monitor?
    Everything no problem. Wihtin 15 seconds everything works.

    [img width=600]http://www.egger-web.at/1680_idle2.jpg[/img]

    [img width=600]http://www.egger-web.at/1680_combat.jpg[/img]

    More Screenshots:
    - Hunter (1600x1200) Combat
    - Hunter (1600x1200) Idle
    - Warlock (1280x1024) Combat
    - Warlock (1280x1024) Idle
    - Paladin (1920x1080) Casting
    - Paladin (1920x1080) Idle

    I hope you'll enjoy it. Wish you much fun with the new LUI v2.0!


    LUI v3 Author

    Member of <In Fidem> [EU-Das Syndikat]

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    Re: LUI v2.0 released

    Can't wait to try it out, love that fact that you're supporting non-widescreen resolutions.

    I just love this UI! It all looks great but the most breathtaking thing is the menu in the top center. You can just show and hide panels exactly as you want to, it's so awesome.

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    Re: LUI v2.0 released

    Looks really awesome, great job!
    Quote Originally Posted by Citygrl22
    I could replace my hit trink with my greatness card but I'd kinda hate to lose the gs

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    Re: LUI v2.0 released

    I was wondering when the updated version for 3.2.2 would come (even though it's wasn't necessary), so I checked WowInterface today to find the new version there

    It's a slight improvement, I think. I've only done solo content/a 5-man Heroic, but it seems like stuff is a bit more... streamlined or whatever. I might be imagining this, though :P

    Either way, excellent job. I'm loving this UI.

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    Re: LUI v2.0 released

    I just installed this today and im really enjoying it! Really good job!
    One question tho: why does the actionbars only have 11 buttons in a row? I'm actually using all 12 for the mainbar, secondary left and right bars

    Would be lovely if an option to enable all 12 buttons could be added in the future!

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    Re: LUI v2.0 released

    Your lovely UI saved my day. My old one crashed, and this is just perfect. Thank you <3

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    Re: LUI v2.0 released

    Quote Originally Posted by Proberly
    Your lovely UI saved my day. My old one crashed, and this is just perfect. Thank you <3
    L2make your own interface!

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    Re: LUI v2.0 released

    Looks awesome. Only question I have is how I can make the HP show up a little lighter. It's a bit hard to see what my HP is on my screen now. Seems like you are using some pattern?

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