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    Any way to make gold with..

    My main is a level 80 mage with maxed out tailor/enchant but I cant find a decent way to make money with these two, but I want to keep them tho.
    What should I do?

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    Re: Any way to make gold with..

    Yeah, you can use your brain. I don't really think MMO will have gold earning tips after Boubille and than, it wouldn't be profitable for the ones that use a method to post it on public forums.

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    Re: Any way to make gold with..

    Put enchants on AH, some ppl will still buy them. Make ICC recipies and try to sell with profit.

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    Re: Any way to make gold with..

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    Re: Any way to make gold with..

    Go and farm for mats and sell them or offer a Enchanting jobs! Or better look for guides that can help you to earn gold fast. Check my sigs below..
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