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    Focus macro help

    Need a macro that will cast gouge at my primary target and cast it at my focus target when i hit crtl2.
    Problem is i have my gouge bound to shift 2.

    someone had said to use this macro that's eviscerate and gouge in one

    its suppose to cast gouge with shift2 cast gouge on focus with ctrl 2 and cast eviscerate with just 2

    /cast [mod:ctrl, target=focus][mod:shift] Gouge; Eviscerate

    and unbind shift 2

    but i could not get it to cast gouge on my focus target

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    Re: Focus macro help

    What's with all the '2' in your post... does it mean 'too' or does it mean you are using two as the hotkey... like ctrl+2 and shift+2 or just 2 ?

    Anyway, the macro seems right, so I'm gonna suggest you make sure ctrl+2 is not bound to anything on your keybindings... if it is, the macro won't activate when you hold control, keybindings come before macros. I know you unbound shift+2, but that is only part of the macro.

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    Re: Focus macro help

    Basically the macro you have will do this..

    If you are holding the control key then:
    Cast Gouge on your focus target.

    Else, if you are holding the shift key then:
    Cast Gouge on the currently targeted unit.

    Cast Eviscerate on the currently targeted unit.

    It sounds like it's doing what you want, so just unbind your normal shift+2 and control+2 keybinds if they are set to something else so you can use the macro out of the box.

    Gershuun @ Borean Tundra US - Interface & Macros Moderator

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