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    Alchemy and Jewelcrafting?

    Right so..I'm in a dilemma here, I will most likely change to Jewelcrafting,
    but I'm not really sure what to do since I got Alchemy as well, should I
    drop Herbalism AND alchemy and go for mining and Jewelcrafting?
    Or go for Jewelcrafting and Alchemy? Thing is, I'm not sure how much its going to cost me,
    do you guys think it would not be worth it/cost too much to just buy the mats for Jewelcrafting to get it up,
    or should i just go for it? I have no idea how expensive the mats are. Or if Mining/Jewelcrafting is worth it too.


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    Re: Alchemy and Jewelcrafting?

    I've got alchemy/JCing on my rogue, it's a nice combo. Let me get this right: You've currently got herb/alch, and you want JCing. Here are your options:

    Drop herb, go alch/JC. (Option 1)
    Drop alch, go herb/JC (yuck)
    Drop herb+alch, go mining/JCing (Option 2)

    Option 1: A nice combo for both raiding and profit. Levelling JCing without mining is expensive, but levelling JCing even with mining is expensive too.
    Option 2: How useful would you find the +60 stam from mining? If you have no use for stam, go with option 1.

    When I levelled JCing, I didn't find that mining lessened the cost because the bulk of what I needed to level was in jewels, not minerals. Jewels don't come often in mining, and prospecting any minerals below the 300 JCing margin (excluding thorium) tends to not be worth it. In the end I bought most of my jewels off the AH, paying stupid prices because I was exhausting the market.

    My recommendation, alch/JCing.
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    Re: Alchemy and Jewelcrafting?

    I've done JC/Alch and i like it.

    Make your own epic gems and cut them.

    Though I've got alts to do my mining and herbalism so the gathering is still covered. If you're going to buy the gems anyways at least you'll be able to make one a day and save a bit of money.

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    Re: Alchemy and Jewelcrafting?

    I got a main who got Ench/Jc
    And a alt who got Alch/tailor
    This is by far the best combo i can make rings and De + make free epics and cut em and sell , another good way to get free epics is to do WG on all your chars above 75 , this will give u 20k honor if u sell the Stone keeper shards for 2k honor things. i do this on my both chars once a week and that gives me 4 Cardinal rubys (for example) and which il cut and sell for 800g total . and then il have 800g profit + the gold u get from wg (about 100+) so my tip for you is ,
    Take Jc / Alch!!!
    and try to lvl a alt whit like mining and ench

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