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    Re: 25man Onyxia 10-manned

    Been done with 3 man already.

    Post 3.2, not sure, but we've 3 manned phase 3.
    I suspect 5-10 man can't be impossible since deep breath has been heavily nerfed.
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    Re: 25man Onyxia 10-manned

    if u stand in the right f*king place, there is NO way you are going to f**king get into the god damwn whelps, whatever f**king fear, tailswipe, whatever the F**K! OKAY? its like one in a f**king million! from the f**king north corner, to the middle, into the f**king whelp cage, its not even f**king remotely imaginable.

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    Re: 25man Onyxia 10-manned

    Awesome gj

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    Re: 25man Onyxia 10-manned

    regardless of what anyone says
    cool achiev, grats on kicking ass
    Quote Originally Posted by IceyDevil
    Dear Blizzard,
    Can our guild have a free pass on Northrend Beasts? We don't believe in harming animals, and would really prefer to not have to fight this boss. ToC looks like a really fun instance, and we would love to experience all your hard work, but we just cannot kill animals.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    Sure, Why Not!
    We already hand everything out for free anyway.* Want a free legendary while we're at it?
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    Re: 25man Onyxia 10-manned

    Well done!
    We have done this with Sarth25 a couple of months ago, but Onyxia is doubtless harder in coordination and requiered dps/hps. Very well!.
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    Re: 25man Onyxia 10-manned

    ohh and ony 40man, was done 3 people..
    in vanilla
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    Re: 25man Onyxia 10-manned

    Quote Originally Posted by Keoren
    Hmm, kas. Olinkin katsellut kiltanne nimeä ja miettinyt, josko se juontaa näiltä kotoisilta seuduilta. Joka tapauksessa onnea tästä varmasti hauskasta tuokiosta ja nähkäämme pelissä, vaikka eri puolilla olemmekin.

    Seuraavaksi 5 hengellä.

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    Re: 25man Onyxia 10-manned

    Quote Originally Posted by Procreate
    Well this one actually has some sort of credibility to it due to only being 10 manned. It's the same as anything else that is done with a considerably less amount of people.

    Good job.
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    Re: 25man Onyxia 10-manned

    Well done! Gz!
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    Re: 25man Onyxia 10-manned

    well done

    however when you pug ony25 most of the time when you're at f3 you're nearly with 10 to kill her but i guess you got the idea that way

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    Re: 25man Onyxia 10-manned

    been there, done that
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