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    Mage or Priest?

    so I have a 60 mage (arcane) and priest(shadow), and I was wondering which one to level first. Which one will be easier to find pugs w/ etc... difficulty of learning the class is a non-issue I'll learn which ever. I love em both dearly and would like to know which one will be faster. thank you for your imput.

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    Re: Mage or Priest?

    I currently have 2 80s... a human mage and a human priest.... kind of funny when you think about it. The two classes you are thinking of leveling are the same ones (the only ones) I have leveled....

    Your mileage may vary.

    60-70 Priest was easier to get groups
    70-80 was about even if you want to DPS.

    If you want to heal (which based upon your spec currently you're not) then obviously priest would be a better choice for Northrend.

    I leveled arcane from 72-80 but was frost until 72 on my mage.

    I leveled as shadow/disc dual spec on my priest from 40-80..... switched to Holy at 80 for healing but kept shadow spec for dps

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    Re: Mage or Priest?

    thanks a ton, on my priest I would be healing(switching to holy at 80). I've only ever tanked at 80, and was wondering which one is more active? (dps or heal)

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    Re: Mage or Priest?

    DPS is a dime a dozen, so you can typically expect a lot more groups as a healer. If you have a tank and a healer you can throw together a 5 man in less than two minutes. If you're missing one it can take hours.

    If you like to DPS... don't go Priest. Blizzard may, eventually, allow Shadow to do competitive DPS... but they haven't done it for 5 years. You'd be better off going with a class that has been at it's very lowest 'decent' DPS. I can't think of a time where they've ever been the best DPS, but they've also never been outside the top 5 DPS classes. Priest has been consistently in the bottom 3-4. They were frozen at 9th in BC and were 7th Horde and 6th Alliance in Vanilla (Druid/Pally were worse off). They're the bottom of the barrel right now in ToC level gear.

    Of course, as you said, Mages are horrible healers. Healers get groups easier. So... yeah, Priest can heal.

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    Re: Mage or Priest?

    + You can heal, which is a free ticket to get into PuGs. Expect to be in demand as a healer, and popular with the tanks.
    + Priests are very fun and interesting to heal with, with two alternative healing specs if you tire of your healing style.
    + Shadow probably has the highest survivability of all DPSers in the game; the buggers never seem to die in PVE.
    - Shadow is probably one of the hardest specs to play optimally, yet even if you do you will at best be average.
    - Shadow has nonexistant burst DPS capabilities; high wind-up-time to do good DPS.
    - Shadow typically is the last pick for filler raidspots. Sad but true; I've heard "not a shadowpriest. we need some real dps" more than once when discussing 10-man HC invites.

    + Excellent DPS; a good mage will top meters on most fights and has three (two?) distinct dps specs to chose from.
    + Probably the best CC in the game: Polymorph. Rarely used these days, but... you'll miss it when you need it.
    + Extremely high burst capabilities
    + Portals. Seriously; this is a massive quality of life thing.
    - Very low survivability, high amount of personal reflexes required to stay alive. As a healer, I find mages the hardest class to keep alive.

    Concluding: If you don't mind healing; a priest is the superior choice given your initial criteria: Healers gets pug spots very easily. If you only want to do DPS, don't even consider shadow - go with a mage.
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