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    Re: Pure Dispells - Disease- Vs Dk

    Dk's are pretty much all classes in 1. Snare, silence, gap closer, Dmg Reduction, and Healing

    1. If they do want to bring a nerf to the class, I would say just like a paladins bubble reduce the dmg done while they are using a mitigation or absorb cooldown. However not by 50%.

    2. Like how Rets Holy dmg is now basically physical, they could also do the same with Dk's.

    I think the main problem with pvp is with mitigation, stuns and fear effects ( ex: fear > immolate > chaosbolt/conflag combo) that the dmg certain classes are doing is still out of control while the other person is not in control or their dmg is reduced or absorbed.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Re: Pure Dispells - Disease- Vs Dk

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptorg
    Stop sucking and tell your healer to dispel it.

    A healer will be able to dispel more often than we can use CoI. Since we can only use 2 CoI's every 10 seconds, and that's assuming we don't use Obliterate/Death Strike/Scourge Strike or Icy Touch.

    And stop trying to faceroll arenas with a druid if you can't dispel magic.
    I'll ask my druid/shaman to l2dispell, brb

    Also, ofcourse it's assuming you're not using frost runes for other stuff, you are after all just kiting to allow your healer to drink. And if they do get near to you, no worries, pop some cd's, put down zone of lolslow then CoI again?
    -> I might be logged out in protpvpgear

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    Re: Pure Dispells - Disease- Vs Dk

    Quote Originally Posted by tranmet
    dispels=mana=infinite(mana regen?)
    epic fail, stop

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    Re: Pure Dispells - Disease- Vs Dk

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    Re: Pure Dispells - Disease- Vs Dk

    Good read (Y)
    Each time you think about giving Paladins the ability to duel wield, god kills a kitten in each of the parallel universes. Twice.

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    Re: Pure Dispells - Disease- Vs Dk

    Quote Originally Posted by tranmet
    here we go...again

    Chains of ice = infinite...2 every 10 seconds

    dispels=mana=infinite(mana regen?)

    Since my computer took a crap on me & I haven't been online for a month I thought I'd comment on this. Any healer that has enough mana regen to heal and dispell/cleanse every a DK uses CoI is a healer that has no resilience (no resilience = easy kill healer), no spellpower (crappy heals = dead partner or dead self from low healing done), or no stam (less HP = quicker to kill). In the 10 seconds that a DK gets his frost rune back a healer will NOT get the mana back that it cost to dispell/cleanse the root off. This just feeds more proof to your idiotic notion that healers have infinate mana that can counter the lovely CoI spam from a DK.

    You want proof of how much mana regen a healer has in pvp gear? Ask one of your guildies or friends that has a priest or pally healer with pvp gear (must be gemmed & enchanted for pvp not pve) to dual you while you spam CoI on them without even attacking them. Watch how long it takes them to go OOM from simply removing CoI & take into concideration they are doing ZERO healing which also uses mana during that time too. I bet he goes OOM and when he does you still can regen your frost rune.

    Oh even better is ask your priest or pally person to simply dispell themself & heal while you beat on them and CoI spam them and compare the time difference. I'll give you a major hint....getting a few swings in while they are having to dispell & heal themself makes them go OOM in about 1/10th of the time too eventhough you are doing crap dmg to them.

    Also keep in mind that in the time you are doing this kiting & pressure on that priest/pally your 2's partner has probably taken out the other guy which would allow him to come over and help you kill that healer.

    Just something to remember & concider doing some time.

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    Re: Pure Dispells - Disease- Vs Dk

    Ok imo the ONLY reason anyone should be dispelling diseases is to remove the dot

    if it was just the dot complaining would be almost non existant

    here is what we lose per spec by dispelling our diseases

    2 dots
    15% heals for survival on death strike
    20% damage on heart strike
    (to a lesser and slightly related thing we lose 10% damage cuz death strike is what helps keep us above 75% for blood gorged

    2 dots
    10% situational heal
    15% damage!!!
    20% damage off frost strike howling blast and icy touch
    20% off obliterate!

    2 dots
    wandering plague
    10% damage
    30% scourge strike damage
    15% situational heal

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