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    Need help in ulduar

    Hi guys, Just need a little help with tanking. I have off tanked ulduar up to
    the keepers and have downed freya twice now. I haven't attempted to tank hodir yet as I have just replaced another pally who is leaving.
    I'm having some issues with thorim (10 man). I'm a pally as you can guess and the MT is a druid. I have been doing the arena and so far we haven't really gotten far. I pick up as many targets as I can but I'm not sure what else to do.
    Would threat, gear, or technique be the issue. I stand in the center circle and everyone surrounds the circle and should run in when the get aggro. I have noticed that some of the people around the circle don't run in when the get aggro aswell. Would it be better to swap and run the gauntlet instead and have the druid tank the arena?

    Can I get any suggestions on gear changes for where my guild is up to, enchants, talent changes or glyphs, it would really help.


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    Re: Need help in ulduar

    You should be tanking the arena pretty easily...make sure to have both of your taunts, and hand of protection keybound .

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    Re: Need help in ulduar

    Standing in the center with everyone surrounding you is the problem. Have your entire group stand in the far right corner when you are looking at the room from the entrance. That way, all the mobs come to you first, not your group members. Of course keep consecrate up, use HoR for group threat, and save Avenger's Shield for a mob that you need to get big threat on quickly in case taunts are down. Make sure you are killing casters first, and tell the melee to stay the hell away from the whirlwind guys Although that isn't as much of a problem in 10 man as they don't hit as hard... Hope this helps.
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    Re: Need help in ulduar

    I hadn't thought of that but how do you deal with the hammer and the orbs?

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    Re: Need help in ulduar

    Haven't done Uld in a while, but from what I recall we just moved out of the way accordingly. I have only done Uld from a dps standpoint, but I pay attention to what other classes/roles have to do as much as I can because I'm always looking to broaden my knowledge base and help others improve.

    Basically, just need to play with your head on a swivel. Keep the healers spread out in that corner as much as possible so there isn't a mass silence from the hammer. When the orbs come, everyone needs to be made aware and needs to move out of the way. Of course you should be using vent, lots of communication in that fight is key. I have no idea how well geared your raid is, but if they are all geared as you are then this should be a challenging encounter.

    With that said, make some fun out of it. Try different positioning, try sending different people to the gauntlet, etc etc. There is no "one" way to do a boss. My guild had the most success with the strat I told you about. Give it a shot, if it works, wonderful! If not, tweak it a bit or try something entirely different. This is the best part about this game, progressing as a guild. Have some fun with it
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    Re: Need help in ulduar

    Thanks for that i'll talk to my raid leader about it

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    Re: Need help in ulduar

    If u got a ret pally in your grp i sugest u do 3 in arena (u,ret and healer).

    Atleast i was capable to dealing with all the adds alone as dps with a pala or warr tank.

    1. Pala dps can bubble if needed.

    2. can bubble healer

    3. great aoe

    4. great burst wich is good on a good geared ret pala that can probably take down 1 add in a single rotation

    5. got a 6 sec stun and a 1 min repentance, this is great if the pala is low hp and need to stop attacker

    One more benefit in having 1 dps is making it easier for the healer to do his job properly, and the healer saves mana for later in the fight when gauntlet goes faster.
    There are other choices too but do not have clothie or leather in mid as an overaggro is probably 1 shot death.
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    Re: Need help in ulduar

    Our guild was having the same problem for a few weeks. We'd send our bear tank into the gauntlet and put our Paladin out in the arena, because lolAoE with the Paladin. Turns out that it never worked very well.

    I suggest switching what part you and the bear are tanking. Swipe is a very good MOBILE AoE that makes picking up all the adds cakewalk. We spent a long time wiping on Thorim until we switched to this method. After that we've one-shotted the encounter ever time. Hope this helps!

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    Re: Need help in ulduar

    Here's how I do it:

    -Stand in centre
    -Everyone else stands close but not too close (edge of the centre ring works)
    -Keep consecrate up, ignore trash mobs and taunt champions/warbringers when they spawn and come down
    -Whichever ranged or healer has aggro on trash runs into consecrate

    I've tanked arena in that style both 10m and 25m hard and easy with no problems. If your taunts are down save your shield to throw at incoming warbringers or champions. Worst case and everything is on CD, run over and ShoR it. Mobs in the arena hit for lols, and if you have a couple of melee out there + say a hunter for aoe, you won't get overwhelmed.

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    Re: Need help in ulduar

    only advise I have for ya is

    /target rune champion (check name)
    /cast hand of reckoning
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    Re: Need help in ulduar

    I usually tank directly under Thorim's platform, shifting left/right depending on which tower is active. Haven't had a problem with it yet.
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    Re: Need help in ulduar

    Our arena team has a pally tank at the top of the stairs to the hallway while arena DPS stay at the bottom. Consecrate to grab aggro on top, DPS picks them off one at a time (10 man). Single target threat on the melee elites and don't worry about the evokers (casters). Your ranged DPS need to single target burn down the evokers (because spell damage can be tanked by clothies) while you hold the melee elites. Once the evokers are down, DPS switches to single target the melee elites. The non-elites don't do a lot of damage, die off very easily and should rarely get pulled off of you because of healing aggro.

    Range DPS typically causes most of the arena wipes because they open up with AOE, pull aggro off of the pally tank and die. Absolutely no reason why range DPS should die during the arena fight.

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    Re: Need help in ulduar

    Awesome Ideas guys, thanks for the help, I'm going to make those suggestions and see how we go.

    Thanks again guys

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