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    Retribution arena questions

    Hello, my name is Sens (hello obvious ^^) and I've been reading through this forums for a long time, but finally decided to post a few questions regarding retribution paladins in 3vs3 arena bracket, since I'm rather new to the paladin class.

    The first thing I am not sure about, is what seal to use in arena for maximum burst. I am aware of the cleave that SoC provides, but I don't know if it is superior to SoR (talented) in terms of burst (btw, I play with aff. lock and ele. shammy, so we need to bring targets down pretty fast or we kiss the pavement, especially since we don't have any healing debuffs to apply).

    Also, I've been noticing that ppl generally try to kill my teammates first, and I'm left alone until one of them is dead in about 90% of the matches. So, the questions that springs to mind is, how much resilience do I really need?

    So, that's basically it, but if anyone has any tips on ret. 3vs3, it would be very welcome.

    Thank you for your time

    PS: Here is my armory link, if anyone is interested: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...&n=Shatterhand

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    Re: Retribution arena questions

    The actual seal damage from untalented SoR and SoC will come out about even, while the judgement damage makes SoR far better. I generally use SoC in BGs and SoR in arena, although close-corners fights can make the opposing team's healer sweat from the cleave damage(or simply break your cc :P).

    You'll want to use some deviation of http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?pala...ZQ_GzQ7,,10522 ; changing points around to get the best results for you.

    Make mouse over macros for HoF/HoP/HoS/DS, and keep them handy.
    Remember there is no substitute for experience, so if you loose a few games don't get worried and try to figure out how to do it better next time.
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    Re: Retribution arena questions

    Your Res is kind of ok, I will say 600 above is better, but normally in arena, your team set up if really important, refer to what you said, if your teammates get down first what it mean to me is you may not have a rogue or druid in your team, then they pick what ever has lower health and armor, what u maybe can do is heal them for a short time and keep freedom and HOP on them, and if they focus on you, you still have bubble, so it require really fast response

    For the seal, if your team have a good cc chain, then don't use seal of command and untalent righteous vengeance, swift retribution, get vindication, guardian's favor, and improve righteous furry, and improve HOJ, those are useful in arena, at least for my team, and since your teammate get attack first, get your divine sacrifice up can take some dmg out from them, good luck

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    Re: Retribution arena questions

    Definitely go with SoR, I tried SoComm, but its only good in bg,s. Try a spec like http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?pala...JKGaQRi,,10522 , and get the Seal of Righteousness Glyph.

    Get Platinum Disks from WG, 95 more res + 700+ap for planned burst. Honor grind for Relent Off sets.

    I hope your Shammy is heals for your team and your not running 3 deeps. i think you would do a lot better. Your gear is not good but not horrible, my 3s made it to 2k bracket in full deadly, and have been floating around there, and you guys have far more cc then we do .

    Just practice a smooth CC chain on their healer and blow up one of the three targets, usually the weakest link. Your 3s comp can easily be 2k+, just practice. CC is what arenas revolve around (majority of the time). Oh, and resilience will come with the gear.

    GL, and remember what Horn stated, there is no substitute for experience!


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    Re: Retribution arena questions

    To be honest, what you really need to use is Seal of Resto Shaman. Or respec to holy yourself. Your comp will limit how far you get unless one of you respecs. I've seen rogue/destro lock/resto shaman do very well. I suspect a ret could take the place of the rogue in that comp. I've also seen elemental/destro/healer do well. I have not seen anything similar to what you're doing that has been successful. If you want to move much past 1500, you'll need to make a change.

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    Re: Retribution arena questions

    Sartecho dont give him that Bullshit. Ret paladins can break or make a fight by being defensive. I know our team- Rogue ret druid-. We go offensive and the defensive and we start laughing because they stop what they are doing and dont know who to get. We plan on making glad this season for sure. Now that my mic works, the games we lost we will win because I couldnt call my rogue who was controlling someone to finish the healer off.

    Ret teams need to be tactical and defensive. Some may flame me but since I am the main dispeller I use the dispell glyph. Saves so much more mana.

    I am not saying I am godly ret but I been playin for awhile. Now that I found a server with teammates I feel comfortable with (after 6 previous seasons) I can relax now and do well.

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    Re: Retribution arena questions

    And what rating are you getting that makes you feel like this set-up is working?

    Edit: Nevermind, I found it. You're at 1024 right now. Admittedly you haven't played a ton of games, so I checked your statistics tab. Your highest 3's personal rating ever is 1566. So, I guess he can follow your advice and get what you've gotten or he can follow mine and break 2k.

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