Thread: Best 2v2 Combo?

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    Best 2v2 Combo?

    Heya, I'm currently playing ret but I get quite annoying to be facerolled by warlocks/frost mages 24/7, was planning on going either holy or prot/holy (I despise prot/holy but I want some gear before I can switch), which is the best setup for a 2v2 holy or prot/holy Paladin? Is it still Deekay or has it changed?

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    Re: Best 2v2 Combo?

    To not get facerolled you should probably invest a little more time in playing and getting into the arena scene. Asking a broad question as what "what spec will win the most" in 2v2 is a very blanketed and generalized statement.

    There isn't an answer. I can tell you right now almost any composition is viable in 2's.

    Personally i would stick to double dps in two's. Ret can't put enough pressure on a healer because of no reliable CC, no MS, no interrupt, etc to keep the healer or the dps on their toes. It's just raw damage that's easily healed through. If you pair up with another dps who has some reliable and constant CC or ranged interrupt 2's become a fast paced environment where you have to play everything precisely. If you make mistakes you're dead. You don't have a healer to keep you up.

    I run arcane/ret and rogue/ret with a few friends. The arcane/ret team we both wear mostly pve gear, toss out our cc, and chain it together and drop a target depending on the comp.

    I also just started doing 3's last night ad I'm pretty new to 3's. Ret/disc/rogue is a pretty strong team and we're all new to the comp so we're still in the learning phases.

    beast cleave and RMP are what we've seen a lot of lately, beast cleave is manageable depending on which target they prefer to drop first. If it's my healer we win the match because between defensive cooldowns I can apply my priest doesn't have too much trouble outlasting bestial wrath and spirit wovles. Once those are over the game is done. The shaman drops like a rock.

    2's is a bracket where you can mix/match what you want to do most freely. Any composition with a healer you're going to be looking at 10-15 minute matches unless you completely get the jump and some serious star-alignment RNG off the bat with your initial crowd control.

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    Re: Best 2v2 Combo?

    As Adamson said, dual dps with ret/cc'er can be very effective. I would aim for a rogue, mage, shaman, or DK partner.'s+Blade&n=Hohenhe%C3%ADm's+Blade&n=Caim
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    Re: Best 2v2 Combo?

    Stay Ret, get a resto

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    Re: Best 2v2 Combo?

    If you dont want to go healing. Aim for Prot/ret, frost mage 2v2. Now that shit hurts. So does Prot/ret, resto shammy.

    EDIT: link to show if played right prot/ret resto rapes face.
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