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    Heroic ToGC 25 Lag?

    Idk about you guys, but I fucking spike big time in this one instance..its ridiculous..i've done absolutely EVERYTHING to fix lag anyone have any suggestions or shhould blizz just fucking fix this.

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    Re: Heroic ToGC 25 Lag?

    Is it just you or your raid that is seeing this? Chances are it's server related if it only happens in togc.

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    Re: Heroic ToGC 25 Lag?

    We had loads of lag on Wednesday (EU Reset) but only in heroic. We cleared 25 normal with no problems, switched on Heroic and killed beasts with about 7 deaths because of healing lag, so gave up before losing any tries and went to Ulduar.

    Was the same on Thursday for the people I know that went, server side lag spikes.

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    Re: Heroic ToGC 25 Lag?

    average 4-5 people in our raid get dc's / heavy lags in ToGC, but in no other instance/ raid or whatever
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    Re: Heroic ToGC 25 Lag?

    we're having the same problem.
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    Re: Heroic ToGC 25 Lag?

    My guild only seems to have lag/disconnection issues on Beasts, specifically Gormok. We were able to negate this partly by banning our DKs from using Army of the Dead.

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    Re: Heroic ToGC 25 Lag?

    Yes, this is a really serious problem many raiders face and has spawned a 40-over page thread

    This is a very recent update from Blizz about the issue
    (Adams from Blizz) Hey all, our development team made a change that they hope will cure the problems occurring specifically with the Gormok fight in ToC.
    Meanwhile, one of our healadins who disconnects every Gormak pull reports that /ignoring everyone in the raid (except the officer) helped him pull through. Healbot and recount are also probably major culprits.

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